Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Police attacked : neither denial nor ranting – The Point

The editorialists are worried about the incredible violence that have been victims of police officers in Viry-Châtillon, in the Essonne. How to regain those territories where no one is safe, where the State has disappeared, where police bother ? Certainly not with blows of the chin, note, they, because of the tragic situation calls for long-term solutions.

cold-blooded and lucidity

In The Cross, Guillaume Goubert judge in the event of a serious gravity, and calls on the population to show solidarity with the police : “A group of fifteen people gave the assault to a police vehicle. Molotov cocktails were thrown inside, the two police officers have been barred out of it. One of them was yesterday still in danger of death (…) This case demonstrates that notches have been crossed in the violence to which the police are facing. The situation is even more difficult to bear for this profession that is subject to an emergency very high : risk of terrorism. In January 2015, there had been demonstrations of affection of the population towards the police forces. They were without a future, the distrust of traditional between the French and the police setting out his rights. The hardness of the times is now making gestures to overcome it.”

in the Face of this violence outside the norm, Hervé Chabaud calls to get out of the ranting and “poultices” in The Union/The Ardennes : “savage violence against patrols in the Essonne, the Ardennes and elsewhere is not, alas, as an illustration tragic a phenomenon of concern (…). It is the sign that, in some areas, they do not accept the presence of anything that symbolizes the State in its rights of peerage. It’s been years that the police, the police have sounded the alarm because, the players on the field, they measure that, what is called with the subtleties of the vocabulary of administrative territories particularly difficult, are in fact areas where the republican law is excluded (…). This subject, which requires composure, lucidity and firmness, invites, once again, in the debate upstream of the presidential election. All the people are fed up with the remedies poultices while they are waiting, as citizens concerned with the general interest, a treatment republican background.”

also READ Essonne : this red light that the town hall wants to take back from the thugs.

When one throws a Molotov cocktail into a car in wants to prevent the occupants from getting out, it is not a “wild duck”

In TheVoice of North, Hervé Favre shows up severe for the executive, whose response has been belated and misguided : “Since Saturday, the image of the two police cars burning with their occupants inside raises indignation and fear in the country. And it puts the government under pressure by showing the difference between the strong statements on theauthority of the State hammered by Manuel Valls and Bernard Cazeneuve, and the reality on the ground. Their visit, yesterday, on the scene appears quite late (…) In speaking of wildlings to qualify the authors, Bernard Cazeneuve is on the wrong register. When Jean-Pierre Chevènement has popularized this word to speak of the young offenders neighbourhood, 15 years ago, the situation was already worrying, but since then, several bearings in the violence have been overcome (…) When one throws a Molotov cocktail into a car in wants to prevent the occupants out, there is not a shape, there is an assassin in power. And it must be judged accordingly (…).”

In Midi free, Yann Marec also stresses the impotence of the political : “The case of Viry-Châtillon (…) stimulus to the intrusion of the done various in the political field. Except that here, we are not talking about ordinary crime classic, but the relationship between citizens and the representatives of the State. Beyond the violent images (…) which frightens us, it is mainly the ease with which a fringe of society plays by our rules. Without faith or law : everything is permitted on the side of this world désociabilisé. It’s called zones of non-law. The personnel policy has beautiful game bomber the torso by denying their existence. They are real (…) If we do not question the sincerity of Manuel Valls, it is its ability to alter the course of events is in doubt. The ineffectiveness of the ads associated with the recurrence of the attacks against the authority of the Republic causes a discomfort. And it lasts…”


According to Patrice Chabanet, measures are needed, but by keeping well simplisme and the short-termism and. “The attack at Molotov cocktail of two crews of police in the paris region is much more than just another assault against the forces of the order (…) we must not dream : we have left is to install the culture of non-law for decades ; decades will be needed to get it out. In the immediate future, is the restoration of the republican order which is a priority. Zero explanation pseud-sociological may not justify criminal actions. Those who have attempted to burn the police in their car were motivated by a single concern : to be able to dealer peace in their domain. It’s not just to put them out of harm’s way, but to reconquer their territories, block by block, building by building. Which means of the numbers of additional police. And the credits… In this area, no question of the low-cost.”


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