Thursday, October 6, 2016

The extension of the Enap, a “natural option” according to the Prime minister –

Manuel  Valls, here with Jean-Jacques Urvoas :

Manuel Valls, here with Jean-Jacques Urvoas : “The extension of the capabilities of the Enap is to quickly consider and Agen is a natural option. The keeper of the Seals will receive the October 11, elected officials’agenais in order to address this issue. “/ photos J.-M. Mazet

Manuel Valls was yesterday in the Lot-et-Garonne. He spent the morning in Agen, strengthening Enap in its essential role, then went to Marmande before visiting the factory Fonroche of Roquefort. Return on a day to mark with a white stone.

The arrival of Manuel Valls yesterday at the national School of penitentiary administration will be a date. It began at 10 o’clock on a tone can not be more solemn, was followed by the announcement of an ambitious plan for the construction of prisons, and then by an incredible haka offered by the students polynesians to the Prime minister, and ended with the sound of the drum and the ukulele. Was only missing the flower necklace as a sign of “welcome to Tahiti-sur-Garonne”…

“A school in the first line”

The Prime minister, accompanied by the keeper of the Seals minister of Justice Jean-Jacques Urvoas, and the secretary of State Matthias Fekl, first attended the flag ceremony, in the presence of hundreds of students, supervisors, lieutenants, or directors of the prison administration, to the sound of the “Marseillaise” sung by the XV Pacific. Staff were then decorated, before the Prime minister takes the floor and announces the launch of an ambitious plan prison provides for the creation of 33 prisons, “in order to combat prison overcrowding”.

the case of Enap, the Prime minister said that “the school will be in the future in the first line,” and that its extension was “a natural option”. A strong sign of opening to its likely expansion. “You are a vital link in the chain of criminal, pointed out Manuel Valls to the students supervisors. Enter the prison is to face the security challenges of our time. You will have to watch individuals very dangerous and to follow a vital development of your business”, making reference to the climate of insecurity reigning in some of the prisons, and to new formations of the fight against and prevention of the phenomena of radicals.

Manuel Valls was then followed by an exercise intervention “muscular” in a cell, before being confronted with an amazing haka polynesian. It is then folded in a long walkabout with the families of the students, punctuated with songs and music of the Pacific : a festive atmosphere, quite surreal, light-years away from the austerity of the prison.


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