Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The fantastic escape of the cousin of the terrorist Mehdi Nemmouche – The Express

Through the small opening of a window-type skylight windows, he took the powder cleared off the nose and the beard of the investigators. A young man of 21 years born and resident at Tourcoing, named A. Nemmouche, was arrested Tuesday in Valenciennes (North) a few hours after escaping from the premises of the Brigade of research gendarmerie. In a press release published this Wednesday, the prosecutor in Valenciennes, François Pérain, has detailed this fantastic deal, revealed by France 3 Nord Pas-de-Calais.

It starts on Monday afternoon when the suspect was spotted trying to sell a bogus bill of 50 euros with a merchant of the little town of Hordain. In the course of his arrest, he adopted an aggressive behaviour against police, committing “minor violence” and taking “inappropriate”. Placed in police custody, it is understood, the next afternoon, assisted by his lawyer, in a closed room. It is there that he manages to escape, taking advantage of a small window located on the top and left open.

Found in false ceilings of a university

“To 15 hours 30, it [is] eventually found in false ceilings, of the university of law in Valenciennes located in the vicinity of the company of gendarmerie,” continues the prosecutor in the press release. Little spicy detail, during its short run, he exchanges his shoes, poor laces due to his arrest, with a man who claims to have simply “wanted to serve”. Of course, it pays not to have known that the young man was on the run.

during the police custody of the suspect, the investigators asked him if he has a relationship with Mehdi Nemmouche, the terrorist who has committed in 2014 a terrorist attack against the jewish museum in Brussels. This last is also a native of the North. “The respondent has indicated to be his cousin. But this information has no importance in the ongoing investigation. No link with the movement that is radical has not been established. The man is known to the justice for crimes of common right, type of flights, but not for terrorism,” says the prosecutor of the Valenciennes Express.

A. Nemmouche is currently in prison. It should be judged by appearance immediate on Friday.


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