Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The lawyers of Salah Abdeslam forgo the defend – Le Figaro

VIDEO – They justify their decision by the silence of their client, the only member still alive of the commandos of the November 13, they charge particular to the decision to place him under surveillance permanently. “He will not say anything more. But what a pity, ‘ they explain.

The lawyers of Salah Abdeslam, key suspect of the attacks in paris 13 November, waive their right to defend their client, they announced in an interview with BFMTV released this Wednesday. “We decided the one and the other is to forgo the defense” of Abdeslam. “We have the conviction that it would not and that it will apply the right to silence,” said Frank Berton, alongside his fellow belgian Sven Mary.

“In this position, which is ours, that is what you want it to do. We have said from the beginning, we have warned, if our client remains silent we will leave his defence”, pursues Me Berton. “When one has the feeling of being there to make social visits to the prison, at that time a decision must be taken,” added the belgian lawyer, ms. Mary.

“A huge mess”

For Franck Berton, the decision to place the prisoner under video surveillance 24 hours over 24 hours played in his refusal to speak. “I have the feeling of a huge mess. I saw Salah Abdeslam sinking from month to month,” explains the lawyer. “When everyone scrutinizes even the night your actions, you become crazy. And this is a consequence of a political decision. This is not a decision of the court”, says the lawyer.

“The real victims in all of this, it is the victims of the attacks in Paris, because they have a right to this truth and they have the right to try to understand the incomprehensible,” adds his colleague Sven Mary. The lawyers explain that Abdeslam does not wish to be represented by someone else at the moment. “We were convinced that he had something to say and that he was going to say,” laments Frank Berton. “He will not say anything more. But what a pity.”

indicted for murders, terrorist and key suspect of the attacks in paris were 130 dead,

When everyone scrutinizes even the night your actions, you become crazy. And this is a consequence of a political decision.

Salah Abdeslam is held in solitary confinement since April 27 at Fleury-Mérogis and monitored on an ongoing basis.

Salah Abdeslam had tried, before the Council of State, to suspend this new kind of device in France, but the highest administrative court had dismissed at the end of July, believing that “the exceptional nature of the facts terrorists” for which he is being prosecuted “meant that all the precautions are taken”.

The only member still alive of the commandos of the November 13, also refuses to answer the questions of the anti-terrorist judge in charge of the investigation on the attacks of Paris and Saint-Denis. He exercises his right to silence during the interrogation.

“Like a rat in its cage”

The two lawyers have also expressed years an interview to theObs, specifying the reasons for their defection, and taking the defence of their client who is depending on them to be martyred. “His conditions of detention fall under the” psychological torture.”, believes Sven Mary. “Salah Abdeslam has never been the organizer of the attacks of Paris. But the political power has chosen to respond to a pending populist, treating it as such, in the spying like a rat in its cage. I tell you, the prison is in the process of transforming Salah Abdeslam in the wild beast.”, adds Franck Berton. “My client was not “a terrorist” but a man of 27 years accused of having participated in a terrorist enterprise. I am proud to have been the lawyer of Salah Abdeslam, I claim”, he adds. According to him, Abdeslam will not take on the other lawyer, and seems to lose interest completely in his spell. “I think that there will be no other attorneys. It no longer has the desire. Salah Abdeslam gives up. It is like a suicide, I’m afraid.”, judge the lawyer.


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