Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The plan of Najat Vallaud-Belkacem to compensate for the absenteeism of the teachers – The Express

How to fight against the absenteeism of teachers? Najat Vallaud-Belkacem will announce on Tuesday a number of measures to improve the replacement of teachers absent, as well as the information given to the families, says the ministry.

In the first degree, there will be a pool unique of substitute teacher per department, whereas previously, their area of intervention could be more reduced. This should help to limit the assignment of alternates successive different in front of the children, according to the rue de Grenelle.

Towards a better management of absences predictable

In the secondary, in the case of a short absence, it is the institution that is supposed to cope with extra hours provided by other teachers. Beyond fifteen days, the academy must do the replacement. The ministry wants to “reactivate” the protocols of replacement of absences short, created in 2005, but “fallen into disuse in many schools.”

For the absences point but to repeat, say, “absences” slow-downs”, the ministry wants to generalize to the academic year 2017 protocols for “better support for personal difficulties” (to receive, consider solutions, type tutoring, relief, service, temporary withdrawal, etc.).

The management of absences foreseeable must also be improved. As well, teacher training will be organized during the little holiday, on the basis of volunteering and paid work. Similarly, the juries and the preparations of the review will be organized preferably on Wednesday afternoon.”

A guide about the permissions of absence will be developed. At the same time, the ministry commits to publish every year the national indicators on the non-replacements.

A charter for parents

In 2015-2016, there has been on average 1.6% of half-days of being uninsured in the first degree (13 hours per student per year), ” he says. This rate has reached 3.1% in the academy of Créteil, which is struggling to recruit enough teachers.

In the second degree, there has been a 2.9% hours of courses not covered by 2014-15, the last year for which data are available (29 hours per student per year).

Relating information to parents, a charter will be experienced in the schools of Poitiers and Nancy-Metz and generalized “current 2017″.

40 000 course days lost in 2015

Between 2008 and 2012 under the right, there were 1576 deletions of replacement positions in primary, underlines the ministry. Between 2013 and 2017, there will be 5000 creations of replacement positions, including 1349 in September 2016, and 1,500 by 2017.

The absences which are not replaced are reported each year by the national associations of parents, notably in Seine-Saint-Denis, department disadvantaged and demographic boom. Last year, the fund has identified more than 40 000 course days lost nationally, according to the reports of parents on its website ouyapascours.


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