Friday, October 14, 2016

What we know from the collapse of a tent at Ajaccio, which has a 28-injured – in- Franceinfo

At least twenty-eight people were injured, Friday, October 14, after the collapse of a portion of a tent caused by high winds on a square in the centre of Ajaccio (Corse-du-Sud), said on franceinfo Bernard Schmeltz, prefect of Corsica. A wounded man is in a serious condition. Franceinfo is back on the circumstances of this event, the most serious since the beginning of the bad weather that hit the South-East of France.

What happened ?

The events took place on the place Miot, located in the centre of Ajaccio. A marquee had been erected to host a show for children organised in the framework of the celebrations of the 10th anniversary of an association of fight against cancer, The Marie-Do. This association, which is very popular in Corsica, organizes year-round shows and other cultural and sporting events to raise funds for patients and their families.

By the end of the morning, a mini-tornado and rain and hail beat down on the square, said Weather France. The violent storms caused the collapse of a part of the big top and a semi-trailer was overturned.

“there were 350 to 400 children who had to be accommodated on site throughout the day. But at the time of the events, there were only two classes of schools of Corsica, who were present with their teachers”, said on franceinfo the prefect of Corsica. the “They were under the big top main, that is not fallen. What are the capitals of the appendices, which have been swept away. There are no injuries to these classes. The children were taken care of.”

The images, published by France 3 Corse ViaStella, show the children present to leave the premises in a panic.

What is the balance sheet ?

Twenty-eight adults were injured, and one of them is in a serious condition, according to information from franceinfo. Interviewed in the afternoon by franceinfo, the prefect had told her fears to see the balance sheet change because “a number of people who were not raised” from the firefighters during the accident are then presented spontaneously in the hospital of Ajaccio.

The wounded were taken care of by a rescue team composed of dozens of fire-fighters quickly deployed on site, and doctors and medical staff of the Uas. Pupils have been grouped and hospitalized in a hospital near the place Miot and the city has triggered a “backup plan” assistance to the victims and the population, and has launched appeals for calm, in particular to the attention of families.

weather conditions, are they still dangerous ?

A heavy rain fell on Anchorage in the early afternoon, making difficult the operations of clearing the site of the accident. The fire department announced on Twitter, at mid-day, the approach of a “new storm cell”, encouraging people to avoid “all travel”.

The situation, however, seems to be improving by mid-afternoon, but firefighters have warned of downpours announced early in the night.

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