Sunday, October 9, 2016

Among the radicalized of France, 4,000 people particularly monitored – The Express

The file S is not the only tool to monitor radical islamism. The Sunday Newspaper has obtained new information on the profiles recorded in the file of tips for the prevention of the radicalization of terrorist nature (FSPRT), which contains 15,000 names.

18% of minors, including a majority of girls

The majority of the cases have involved boys from 18 to 25 years old from the suburbs of the great cities of France. The paris region, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nice,… “former industrial areas, traditional fireplaces of immigration,” says the co-ordination Unit of the fight anterroriste (Uclat) JDD. They are also the most densely populated regions. 36% of the reports relate to the converted, and no department is spared.

18% of those reported are minor, a majority of them girls. Sometimes it is their parents who are concerned about their behaviour to the national Centre of assistance and prevention of radicalisation (CNAPR). “The mothers want to see their son in prison, rather than in Syria,” said a police officer at the JDD.

4000 people with a particular monitored

Be stuck at FSPRT, however, does not necessarily mean be ready to move to the terrorist action. 2500 people require only a simple sleep, and 1200 names have been removed for a year.

Those who are considered the most dangerous are the number of 4000. Their supervision is entrusted to the ISB. The justice has launched 352 procedures for 1370 of them. 190 are in detention, and 73 have already been found.

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