Four police officers have been targeted by an attack with Molotov cocktails on Saturday afternoon at Viry-Châtillon (Essonne) Thomas SAMSON / AFP

Viry-Châtillon under high voltage. Saturday afternoon, four police officers were attacked by a dozen individuals in balaclavas and armed with Molotov cocktails, near the city of the Great Terminal, located at horse on the municipalities of Viry-Châtillon and Grigny, in the Essonne.

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one of The keepers of the peace, aged 28 years, in a ” state of concern and declining “, according to a police source, was placed under induced coma on Sunday. His prognosis is engaged. His colleague, 39-year-old, the mother of the family, is still hospitalized for burns, but his condition is ” less disturbing “, according to this same source. The other two agents, ” shocked “, were released Saturday evening from the hospital of Longjumeau. An attack “outrageous” and “intolerable,” has reacted in the wake of François Hollande. Back on the facts.

” crossroads care “

It is 15 a.m. this Saturday on the DR 445, at the intersection of the “Bakery” part of the name from the nearby bakery. At the red light, the place is known for the past few years for many flights to the door with violence. “We call it the crossroads diligence,” notes from 20 Minutes, Claude Carillo, regional secretary of the police union Alliance 91.

to cope with this phenomenon, the city of Viry-Châtillon decided a year ago to install a surveillance camera. Regularly destroyed, including stroke of the grinder or car-aries, this camera was since Monday “secured” by patrols, static. This Saturday, they are, therefore, four police officers in two vehicles to carry out this mission of protection. But suddenly, the first car was taken to task by a group of fifteen individuals.

attack ” premeditated “

” They came on the side, wearing balaclavas and smashed the vehicle’s windows with paving stones to throw Molotov cocktails. There was the desire to kill because, according to the first testimonies, they tried to prevent them from leaving, ” commented Claude Carillo. Called in a reinforcement, the second patrol will suffer the same attack. The two agents will do with a few bruises. “Individuals organized and armed like this, it requires preparation. This attack is premeditated in a context of a war of territory terrible. This camera represents a barrier to their traffic “, he says.

Since then, the area was criss-crossed by important reinforcements armed police of throwing tear-gas grenades and shields. The public prosecutor of Evry opened an investigation in fragrance for attempted murder, entrusted to the safety of the département of the Essonne. According to a justice source contacted by 20 Minutes, ” at this stage there has not yet been arrested “. “For the moment, this is still a preliminary investigation. We collect a maximum of items and of testimonials.” Throughout the weekend, and a few months of the presidential election, the political reactions have been many.

” The next step is to go inside the Grande borne “

” acts as intolerable and called for exemplary sanctions “, said the Prime minister Manuel Valls, a former member of the Essonne. The minister of the Interior Bernard Cazeneuve has condemned his actions and said that he would be at the bedside of police officers injured ” as soon as possible “. “You have to deal with murderers “, has told AFP the mayor of Viry-Chatillon, Jean-Marie Vilain (IDU). “The next step is to go inside the Large Terminal to stop all these trades, because it is that the camera is inconvenient, he wished to clarify.

From his side, Claude Carillo, calls for more “security teams” that ” action punch “. “We denounce the past ten years, the declines in average. We always ask 300 staff in addition to while we are at 112 in the least since 2012, ” critique-t-il. “Since the beginning of the week we warn by saying that we can not let the two vehicles are positioned at this location with teams without the equipment to deal with such a situation,” says Claude Carillo. According to him, ” there is a lack of means, manpower and sanctions “, he complained, recalling that at the Large Terminal, ” more than 500 kilos of cannabis are sold per week.

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