Sunday, October 16, 2016

Angers : a balcony collapses at a party, students, 4 people killed – The World

The victims were all between 18 and 27 years old. The causes of the collapse of the balcony of this modern building are not yet known.

An evening student in an apartment in the city centre of Angers turned to the drama, Saturday, October 15, when the balcony of the 3e floor, on which stood a group of more than a dozen people suddenly collapsed.

According to the prefecture of Maine-et-Loire, four people died in the accident. The victims are three men, 21, 23 and 25 years old and a girl of 18 years, according to a source close to the investigation quoted anonymously by the AFP. Fourteen other people were injured, all aged between 18 and 27 years, four of which ” serious “ but without being in danger of death. According to investigators, many others present, ” are shocked and psychologically “.

” the size of The balcony did not feel that it could not accommodate fifteen people “

The causes of the collapse of the balcony are not yet known. A investigation for “homicides and involuntary injury” has been open, according to the prosecutor of the Republic.

The building, located in the city centre of Angers, is nine. It was built in the year 2000. A source close to the investigation think that ” the cause of this tragic accident is obviously accidental.” By chance, no one stood on the balconies of the two lower floors, resulted in the collapse of the first.

The city’s mayor, Christophe Béchu, made on-site. After seeing the damage, he said that” we can only ask questions about the way in which such a tragedy could have happened “.

” If there has been no material defects, how to understand that such drama could happen ? The size of the balcony did not feel outwardly that he could not accommodate fifteen people in conditions of normal use. It is the work of expertise.”

The building was evacuated in the night. Its inhabitants were able to return in the morning to retrieve personal belongings but will need to stay elsewhere ” until the results of the expertise will not remove the uncertainty ,” according to Mr. Béchu. The surveys will be carried out on the facade, in particular, on the seals of the balconies that were transferred.

in Addition to the more than seventy fire fighters who went on-site, the Red Cross has been mobilized with families, which have also been open a support center and an emergency unit for medical-psychological.


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