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“In the campaign for the family “, the Manif for all scrolls in Paris – The World

it was attended by 24 000 people in Paris on Sunday, the movement is not able to take his bet to meet most of the demonstrators in 2014.

If he wants to weigh in on the presidential  election of 2017, the movement refuses to

This is the hard core defenders of the traditional family, which has a parade, Sunday 16 October, in the streets of Paris. The Manif for all has gathered 24 000 people according to police (200 000 according to organizers). The last parade, in October 2014, had attracted nearly 80,000 people, according to the police, and 530 000 according to the organizers.

The bet to collect as much or more than persons, in the aim to weigh at the most before the primary from the right and the presidential election of 2017, is therefore not required. Index that the heyday of the movement are in the past : little flags of support for floating windows on the route of the event.

Between the porte Dauphine and place du Trocadéro, the crowd of supporters of the Manif pour tous offers his face as usual. Drowned in flags pink and blue, plus this time a lot of French flags, a lot of families, a lot of very young children, a few priests in cassock. Protesters chant slogans against the assisted reproductive technologies (art), surrogacy (GPA), against the ” propaganda of the kind at school “, complementary man to woman.

” We are all born of a father and a mother, even in a LDC and a FAM, launch François-Xavier and Charlotte Villedey, 26 years old, both of you. in The desires of adults must pass after the needs of children, which grow well in need of the complementarity between man and woman. “ This theme is returned in the mouth of all the protesters. the ” equality of rights and dignity does not mean that we are similar, observes Erwan, 19 years old, who came to the protest with her mother and her grandmother. the cultural differences exist between the sexes, but there are also biological differences, which influence behaviours. “ The maternal qualities of women, in particular smoothness, are often mentioned.

LDCS, GPA, adoption, etc. in the recurring themes

Anne-Sophie came from the Limousin, where she raises cows and rabbits, to protest against ” the modern slavery “ of the surrogacy. the ” A woman is not a cow “, she smiled. the ” In my circle, many children have been adopted, adds Jean-Jacques, a friend of Anne-Sophie. I’ve been able to see the difficulties that represents the ignorance of its origins. “A third protester limousin, Martial, does not resolve the ” the recognition of gay “ and doubt of the ” stability “ couples.

the opening of the LDCS to female couples and singles may not be considered by the government, any more than the legalization of surrogacy, the protesters feared the ” a technique of small steps “, to quote the words of Joelle, 50 years old, who came from Rennes. The circular Taubira (who in 2013 has facilitated the issuance of certificates of French nationality to children born by FAM abroad) is often cited in support of this reasoning. Some of the demonstrators evoke other, such as respect for the embryo to be born and the opposition to euthanasia.

” The Manif for all between-in campaign for the family “, summarises Ludovine de la Rochère, president of the movement. At the end of the month, a website will be able to identify the positions of the candidates for the elections on this theme. So far, the movement refuses to ” lock in a nomination or in a party. “ his claims. the ” The family is not left or right “, ” says Ms. de la Rochère. And estimate, on the tone of the obvious : ” Even if, of course, it is rather to the left that much has been deconstructed in this field. “

” For the family “, but not behind a candidate

For the time being, it is the deputy for the Yvelines and successor of Christine Boutin at the head of the christian-democratic party Jean Frederic Fish, who will win the sympathy of the demonstrators. “Fish it is all day, summarizes Delphine, 49 years of age. in This is the only one that has nothing released since the debate in the Assembly. “ ” The one who is clear, sharp, and has never changed his opinion “, says Martial. It is one of the few policies to support yet, three years after its enactment, the repeal of the Taubira law.

The elected officer has made the move, but has not taken the floor at the end of the parade, contrary to Marion Maréchal-Le Pen (FN), who defended, to the applause ” the parents, the homeland and civilization “. The FN also advocates for the repeal of the text.

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan (Debout la France), who had already made the move in September, in the Essonne, on the occasion of the summer university of The Manif for all, as well as the member of parliament for the Drôme, Hervé Mariton, a staunch opponent of the law Taubira, who has not been able to compete in the primary from the right, were also present. Also of note, the presence of the mayor of Béziers, Robert Ménard (far right), arrived in power two years ago thanks to the support of the FN.

French prime minister François Fillon, on the other hand, is absent. Despite the support that he has brought the association common Sense, an emanation of The Manif for all within the party The Republicans, the candidate for the primary right is simply a press release the day before, to tell his ” support “ and ” sympathy “ of the movement. the ” With all these anathemas that we are launching continuously, this is not very comfortable [to support us], argues Ludovine de la Rochère.

For the mp (The Republicans) of the Ain, Xavier Breton, the loss of influence of The Manif for all, is explained by ” the attacks and the economic situation that goes wrong “. ” The family remains, however, a permanent combat, and for those who are really right, this is not a taboo ! “, loose-t-he, alongside his wife and two of their eight children.

Not far away, the police were quickly withdrawn from their view the passage of a few activists Femen opposed to The Manif for all. The naked breasts, they had on their bust a message for the protesters and paraphrasing their slogan : ” Do the more you suffer “.


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