Arnaud Montebourg announced on Sunday 21 August 2016 to Frangy-en-Bresse (Saône-et-Loire) his candidacy for the presidential election of 2017. – PHILIPPE DESMAZES / AFP

This is not really a scoop, but this has the merit of being clear of it now. Arnaud Montebourg declared a candidate in the primary from the left this Sunday on TF1. “Yes, I decided to register my candidacy in the primary of the left,” he said, adding that he would accept the result of the vote, whatever it is, even if it is François Hollande who wins.

“I believe that when one accepts a primary one accepts all the rules. One thing is for sure is that I will accept the result and will not be presenting myself, and am not agent of division but rather of gathering together”, assured the candidate.

Arnaud Montebourg was immediately reminded of his differences with the president of the Republic. “I remained faithful to the oath of the speech in le Bourget. I have remained faithful also to the workers of Florange. I am also one of those who fought the policy of fiscal austerity, which has caused a lot of damage in the purchasing power of our countrymen, the most modest,”-he stressed. “The French don’t want this announced duel of the two former presidents “, he assured.

in The course of this short interview, Arnaud Montebourg has recalled some of its proposals: “A big political agenda Made in France, to support a strong State and a protector of the industrialization, and to our SMES”, “a strategy of confrontation (with the Eu) for a radical reform, without losing and give up, or get out of the euro”.

“The nomination of Arnaud Montebourg in the framework of the primary is not a surprise. The program he set up is also no surprise and the same as in 2011. The anti-hollandisme is not a program”, has immediately reacted with AFP the entourage of Benoît Hamon, recalling that this latter was inscribed from the outset in the primary.

“The only one to make proposals around which all the world debate, it is Benoît Hamon. We will see in four months who will be best placed in the face to François Hollande”, a-t-is added.

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