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Sponsorships, offices, endowments : the PS shall determine the rules of its primary in January – The World

the shadow of The first secretary of the PS  Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, October 23, 2014 in  Paris.

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The “parliament” of the PS, which was decided on 18 June to organize this primary, has clarified several points hitherto left in the blur.

Sponsorships. The PS decided to go back to the conditions of sponsorship of the primary of 2011 : 5 per cent of parliamentarians PS, or 5% of the members of the national Council, or 5 % of mayors of cities of over 10 000 inhabitants in the ten departments and four regions, or 5% of the regional councillors and the county’s ten departments and four regions.

Offices to vote. The PS, which had opened in 2011 some 9 400 polling stations, has committed to deploy this time ” at least 8,000 “, hoping to get closer to the threshold of 9 000.

Impartiality. ” These primaries are not made to punish, but rather to unite “ and ” they must be fair, impartial and transparent “, has promised the first secretary Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, stated support of the nomination of Holland. To ensure the fairness of the nominations, the party is committed to make available to the candidate(s)from its ranks ” an allocation of 50 000 euros in respect of the legislation “, ” the distribution of occupations of both its militant(e)s “, ” of the premises within the headquarters as well as its service order “.

Control. A ” High authority of the primary citizens, “ will be installed from 5 October to ensure ” the regularity of the designation of the candidate(e) “. She designed and validated the nominations and announce the results. This instance, which will be installed as soon as Wednesday, is made up of 15 members of the ” High authority of Ethics “ of the PS presided over by the professor of law Thomas Clay. And it ” may be supplemented by figures submitted by the parties are co-organisers ” of the primary, that is to say, the members of the Beautiful people’s alliance.

Calendar. The High Authority of the primary citizens will take up his functions on 5 October, before the launch on the 17 October on the website of the consultation. The candidates will be able to occur between the 1st and December 15, before that officially starts on the 17th of December the campaign.

What are the candidates ? Marie-Noëlle Lienemann, Gérard Filoche, and Benoît Hamon, from the left of the PS, were already candidates, such as François de Rugy (Environmentalists!) and Jean-Luc Bennahmias (Front democrat). Arnaud Montebourg came to be added to this list on Sunday evening by announcing his candidacy on TF1. The radical Party of the left should make its decision on a possible participation in December, just as president François Hollande – whose relatives do not doubt that he will be the candidate, as it was repeated on Sunday the minister of education Najat Vallaud-Belkacem.

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