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Attack of Viry-Châtillon against police officers : “there is no zone of non-law,” said Valls – The World

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burnt-out  Cars after the attack of police at  Viry-Châtillon, October 8.

prime minister Manuel Valls has visited, on Monday, October 10th in the morning, with the minister of the interior, Bernard Cazeneuve, several offices of the department of the Essonne. It is, on this occasion, made in the late morning on the scene of the assault against police officers that occurred on Saturday, October 8, at Viry-Chatillon, close to the sensitive area of the Great Terminal. As he had already stated in his steps, in the morning, at Savigny-sur-Orge, Athis-Mons and Juvisy, Mr. Valls has again assured that it ” there was no area of non-right “.

” Here, you are a few metres from the Terminal, there were policemen placed to monitor this intersection where there had already been several assaults, and where there is a surveillance camera especially important, that is why, for me, I believe in the cctv “, he stated then, as it must go in the day at the bedside of the officers wounded.

The prognosis of a policeman was always engaged, Monday, October 10, the morning after the assault, a violence rare, obviously premeditated and targeted. Aggression denounced by the entire political class, François Hollande in the lead, which qualified it as a’” intolerable, “. The president of the Republic is committed to ensure that ” all [or] made to find the perpetrators and bring them to justice to be sentenced to a penalty to the extent of the seriousness of their act “. To Bernard Cazeneuve, the interior minister, these police officers have been ” confronted by a band of wildlings who have acted with cowardice “ and ” trapped “, he said on RTL on October 10.

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” It would have been prevented from leaving “

The events took place on Saturday 8 October in the afternoon, around 15 hours. Two crews of police cars were monitoring ” static “, at an intersection known to be a place of ambush for many flights to the door and assault. A junction located at the entrance of the Grande-Borne, city lasts approximately 3 600 housing units for approximately 12,000 residents, beset by a variety of trafficking, childhood neighborhood of Amédy Coulibaly, in particular, the killer of the Hyper Hide, on 9 January 2015.

The police were stopped, parked, when, according to the first elements of the investigation, ten to twenty people attacked the two vehicles with iron bars or stones, and then throwing molotov cocktails to the interior of the interiors. A brigadier at the age of 38 and a young guardian of the peace, intern at 29 years of age, who were a team in one of the two cars, were able to get out quickly. The second crew was less fortunate. the ” It would have been prevented from leaving “, says a police source, noting, however, that this element still needs to be intersected.

Attack to the grinder

The four policemen were all seriously wounded. The least affected is the young intern, who comes out with 21 days of temporary incapacity to work (ITT). But the brigadier who was with her had been burned to the hands and injuries to his legs by projectiles. In the other vehicle, a keeper of the peace for 39 years, mother of three children, was burned on 15 % of the body, the hands and the face. He has been recognized with 90 days of ITT. The one whose fate is still uncertain is the young deputy of security 28-year-old who accompanied her. He was burned on 30 % of the body, including the face and hands. His lungs have been seriously affected.

The crossroads at which were stationed two police vehicles had been equipped, several months ago, by the city of Viry-Châtillon, a surveillance camera, attached to a lamppost. This camera bother including the trafficking of drugs and had been the subject of several attempts of destruction : the first time to the disk cutter, another time, in the middle of a car aries started on the pole light. the ” But this is not the camera that watched the police officers, they ensured fair to the security of the population “, precise-t-on of the directorate-general of the national police.

” Killer cops “

The investigation will have to determine the mobile exact of this targeted attack, the conditions under which it was prepared, the number of assailants suspected and their respective role. The task ahead was already delicate, in a sensitive area such as the Grande-Borne, which often prevails the law of silence. The hearings of police officers have already taken place. Those of the witnesses and the neighborhood are in progress. The images from the camera of video surveillance should be, in any case, quickly exploited.

” These attacks against the police by killers of copsmust be punished with penalties and shall be subject to no development. Legal sanctions existing are not suitable “, reacted Philippe Capon, the secretary general of the union UNSA-Police.


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