Monday, October 10, 2016

France : Valls and Cazeneuve to provide their support to the police officers assaulted – Le Figaro

VIDEO – The prime minister and the Interior minister were on Monday morning on a visit to the offices of the Essonne to support the police after the attack with Molotov cocktails in four of them Saturday, at Viry-Châtillon. The officer most seriously injured is now in a “steady state”.

Two days after the attack on four police officers in Viry-Châtillon (Essonne), the prime minister, Manuel Valls, and the minister of the Interior, Bernard Cazeneuve, visited Monday morning in Savigny-sur-Orge to meet with police officers in four police stations of the department affected by the event (Viry-Châtillon, Athis-Mons, Juvisy and Evry). A movement organized to “bring a message of support,” said the head of the government.

After a meeting behind closed doors with the police officers, Manuel Valls stated his “determination to fight crime, this violence in the wild”. “These individuals have wanted to kill your colleagues, I will attest to this”, he started, before discussing “individuals who act since a long time unfortunately in these neighbourhoods and in these cities”. They will be “apprehended” and are considered “severely”, he assured, denouncing the acts of “a savagery and violence unbearable”. “The authority of the State, it will be provided, that it is there. There is no area of non-right, there’s a land particularly difficult,” said the tenant of Matignon, who visited in the late morning on the scene of the assault, Viry-Châtillon, in the company of his minister of the Interior.

Manuel Valls said that police “have reason to ask for more resources and more protection”. It has notably highlighted the creation of 9,000 posts of police since 2012 after the removal of 13,000 jobs between 2007 and 2012. “It is for this reason that the investment budget of the police has grown in recent years and even more, of course, with the terrorist acts that we have known”, he said to Juvisy-sur-Orge. The prime minister has decided to allocate these resources in priority “to the workforce who are in the front line against the terrorist threat”, citing the “Bac”, “Psig” and “intelligence services”.

“It means more than human means, adapted vehicles, bulletproof vests, weapons adapted in the face of the terrorist threat and criminal behaviour”, he continued, admitting, however, that “these means must also apply to all police officers and the police all day.” The police “know to be able to count me and the minister of the Interior Bernard Cazeneuve because we have already given additional resources,” he concluded.

Although firm, the answer given by the government does not seem to have convinced the first union of the guardians of the peace Alliance, which has called on Monday the police on a “strike of zeal” consisting of “to cover only emergency and serious cases”. “There should be exemplary sentences” and that “fear changes sides”, said Frédéric Lagache, deputy general secretary of Alliance, to AFP. The union wants to “refocus the police on its core business” and calls for reinforcements of staff, especially for the department of the Essonne.

Four police officers were injured Saturday, including two seriously, during the attack of their vehicles with Molotov cocktails by a dozen people “masked” in the district of Grande borne. The incident occurred while the four police officers were conducting a surveillance mission of a cctv camera damaged on two occasions in recent weeks.

Sunday, the prosecutor announced that the vital prognosis of a police officer was “engaged”. The individual in question, deputy of security of 28 years in the office of Savigny-sur-Orge, is “very badly burned on the hands and the entire body”. He was plunged into a medically induced coma at the hospital Saint-Louis in Paris, where is located also another guardian of the peace. 39-year-old and mother of three children, this latest is “very badly burnt hands and the face”, but his prognosis “is not engaged”.

Asked on RTL on Monday morning, after a visit Saturday to the bedside of police officers injured, Bernard Cazeneuve, said that the most seriously injured was now in a “steady state”. “His condition is serious, it is absolutely remarkable due to the personal hospital. I am convinced that it will,” he said. The Interior minister has also referred to an attack committed by a “band of wildlings who have acted with cowardice”.


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