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Attack of Viry-Chatillon: prognosis “committed” to a police officer – The Point

in The aftermath of the attack with Molotov cocktails against the police near the city difficult to the Great Terminal, in the Essonne, the prognosis for one of the officers was “hired” on Sunday, but the attackers have still not been identified.

The police attacked Saturday with Molotov cocktails in Viry-Châtillon (Essonne) has been “confronted with a band of wildlings who have acted with cowardice”, and who will be “caught up”, said Monday on RTL, the minister of the Interior Bernard Cazeneuve.

The next few hours will be crucial for the deputy of security 28-year-old, “very badly burned on the hands and on the whole body,” said the public prosecutor of Evry, Eric Lallement, in a statement to AFP.

The “prognosis” of the agent, transported to the hospital Saint-Louis in Paris, is “engaged” and the doctors will be able to speak that “within 48 hours”.

It has been immersed in an induced coma, “a standard protocol for large burned”, explained Mr. Lallement. “It is burned on 30% of the surface area of his body,” said another justice source.

With three colleagues, he conducted a surveillance mission in the vicinity of a fire red of the city of la Grande borne, a horse in the municipalities of Viry-Châtillon and Grigny, known for being the scene of robberies with violence on motorists.

for more than a year, the city of Viry-Châtillon is trying to regain the territory at the “hub of the Bakehouse”, and for this purpose installed a cctv camera. The police officers attacked were assigned to protect this camera, targeted several times by the offender, of which she disturbs the traffic.

A little before 15: 00 Saturday, about a dozen individuals stormed the first police vehicle, occupied by the young deputy of security and a guardian of the peace, parked on a sidewalk in a dozen of metres from the famous crossroads. They began by breaking windows with the help of blocks and then threw Molotov cocktails into the cabin.

The attackers were then “blocked the doors to prevent the police to leave”, according to the mayor IDU de Viry-Châtillon, Jean-Marie Vilain, which qualified them”murderers”.

Two other agents, present in a second car parked nearby, in turn, have been assaulted when they are out to rescue their colleagues. Their vehicle was also set on fire.

- the First evidence -

The guardian of the peace 39-year-old who accompanied the deputy of security “is very badly burnt hands and the face”, according to the prosecutor.

She was transported Sunday afternoon to the Saint-Louis hospital but “his prognosis is not engaged,” said Lallement. She will prescribe at least three months of ITT (total incapacity of work), according to a police source.

The two other officers, a woman of 28 years and a man of 38 years old, very shocked, have been able to leave the hospital of Longjumeau (Essonne), and will suffer a work stoppage of three weeks.

the three police officers, and other witnesses were heard by the departmental Safety of the Essonne department, in charge of the investigation for “attempted murder committed in organized group against agents of the public force”. The judicial police of Versailles has also been submitted in support.

investigators hope to be able to identify the perpetrators of the attack thanks to the “objects found in and near vehicles,” sent for expertise to the laboratory of scientific police of Paris, and “to videos of multiple cameras,” detailed the prosecutor.

The attack sparked a huge uproar in the political class, and a few months from the presidential election and in the midst of the campaign for the primary of the right.

president François Hollande said Saturday that “everything (would be) done to find the perpetrators of this attack and bring them to justice to be sentenced to a penalty to the extent of the seriousness of their act”.

Among Republicans, Alain Juppé and Nicolas Sarkozy, the candidates in the primary, have posted their “support” to the police, claiming a “State that does not step back” and a “sanction to the height”.

Sunday, the minister of Justice Jean-Jacques Urvoas has promised severe sanctions against those who wanted to be “injurious to the life” of police officers, while ensuring that”there is no zone of non-law” in France.

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