Monday, October 10, 2016

Nantes: the prosecution requires the indictment of two people for the murder of Romain Barré – Le Parisien

Le prosecution is required Sunday the indictment of two young people of 16 and 19 years for the murder of Romain Barré, a real estate agent 38-year-old disappeared in Nantes on the night of 27 to 28 September, announced the public prosecutor Pierre Sennès.
Romain Barré syndrome had been seen for the last time on 28 September to 01: 00 in the morning, as he left a restaurant in the centre of Nantes. It would be so asleep at the wheel. During their detention, which began on Friday, the suspects have confessed that they strangled the mother, before transporting his body in the trunk of his car and throw him in the Loire, told AFP the prosecutor of the Republic of Nantes.
The five young people – four men and one woman – were Sunday afternoon “in the course of referral to the investigating judge,” said Mr. Sennès.
For two of them, aged between 16 and 19 years, the prosecutor of Nantes has required an indictment for “murder for the purpose of preparation of a crime or ensuring impunity of its author”, a charge punishable by life imprisonment.
Regarding the girl, aged 18 years, the prosecutor has requested an indictment for “complicity in murder”.
Finally, against the last two, two minors of 16 and 17 years of age, was required to have a qualification of “non-denunciation of crime” and “concealment of property from a theft.”
A term deposit was required against the first three, and a single judicial review against the last two.
According to Mr. Sennès, during their hearings in front of the police, the suspects were told they were on the tower of the vehicles to steal items. Finding Mr. Barré asleep, they would have started to search discreetly in his car, but would be interrupted by the sight of a police vehicle in the area.
They are then returned to the scene and would have then decided, in order to clear their tracks, kill the driver – still asleep-according to them – not that there had been no fight.
The body of the victim has still not been found. His vehicle had been found in Bouguenais, south of Nantes, last weekend, three days after the report of his disappearance by his companion.
This is by noting that a purchase had been carried out on the Internet with the credit card of the victim, shortly after her disappearance, investigators have been able to go back to the suspects, said Mr Sennès.


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