Friday, October 7, 2016

Attacks: Eric Zemmour accused of “apology of terrorism” – in The Evening

Les words are wrong, very wrong. The families of the victims of the November 13, and the association SOS Racism were seized by the public prosecutor of Paris this Friday for condoning terrorism after the comments controversy, Eric Zemmour.

In an interview with the monthly ” Talker “, on Thursday, the writer has refused to qualify the jihadists ” low spirits “. In the momentum, Eric Zemmour has even pushed up to ensure that he ” respect people willing to die for what they believe in “.

When the reporter asked him if he complies with ” the people who run the truck on children “, the journalist replied : “Forgiveness make you feel depressed, but the Story is as well, innocent people die because they are in the wrong camp, or in the wrong place at the wrong time. And yes, when people act because they think that their dead the their ask, there is something respectable “.

prosecute criminal

the lawyer of The victims of the November 13, request the public prosecutor of Paris to undertake a criminal prosecution and that the statements should be removed “any location where they would come to find on the Internet, ” reports Le Parisien.

Even the sound of a bell on the side of SOS Racism, which deplores the fact that this man is still present in the media. “ note that despite several convictions for incitement to racial hatred, in February 2011 and December 2015, Eric Zemmour is seen always to offer the opportunity to pour out his hatred on the antennae and writing “.

however, This is not the first time that Eric Zemmour takes that kind of language. At a conference last September, it was stated that in the face of ” people who die for their faith, we should instead be admiring than scornful “.


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