Friday, October 7, 2016

Case Squarcini: the ex-boss of the PJ in Paris set review – France Soir

the former chief of the judicial police in paris, Christian Flaesch, was indicted Thursday 6 by the co-investigating judges in the survey on the practices of the former intelligence chief Bernard Squarcini since its conversion in the private sector.

Christian Flaesch, he also spent in the private sector, the post of director general security and safety of the hotel group Accor, has been indicted for violation of the secrecy of the investigation, and obstruction of the investigation, indicated to the AFP a source of justice.

the Then head of the 36, Quai des orfèvres, the headquarters of the PJ in paris, he is suspected of having delivered, in April 2013, evidence on an ongoing investigation of Bernard Squarcini, while the latter had left the DCRI (renseignement intérieur), and was launched in the safety consulting, with his company Kyrnos. However, the items exchanged between the two former big cops were the luxury group LVMH, which worked then Bernard Squarcini.

Contacted, the lawyer for Mr. Flaesch, Jean-Yves Le Borgne, did not want to comment in the immediate future.

A similar episode had led Christian Flaesch to his dismissal of the PJ in paris, at the end of 2013, after six years at its head. He had been the subject of a warning from the prosecutor general’s office about a phone call to his former minister, Brice Hortefeux, in which he warned of the next hearing as a witness in an investigation related to Nicolas Sarkozy.

A phone call was intercepted because Brice Hortefeux was placed on listening in the investigation on the charges of funding the libyan campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007.

In the aftermath, the minister of the Interior Manuel Valls had sacked Mr. Flaesch, referring to a “lack of ethics” while praising the action of a “great cop”, “a great professional”.

Christian Flaesch had been replaced at the head of the PJ parisienne by Bernard Petit, fell to his tour in disgrace after his indictment for other information leakage.

In the case that is directly targeting Bernard Squarcini, the suspicions are partly the result of monitoring telephone and e-mail, in the context of an investigation, this time, the businessman Ziad Takieddine.

According to a police report, of which the AFP is aware of this, in April 2013, Bernard Squarcini exchanged several emails with Christian Flaesch on the subject of a preliminary investigation of the parquet de Paris after a complaint of the luxury house Hermès against LVMH.

according To the report, Mr. Flaesch replied on April 2, 2013 that the prosecutor must open a judicial investigation and states that the financial guard has not had time to establish other facts as those raised in the complaint.

At the same time, Bernard Squarcini exchange with a magistrate in Paris, on the point of move on also in the private sector, precisely in LVMH. This former magistrate, has also been placed in police custody last week and will have to appear before the investigating judges, who can put it in the review, as a former employee of LVMH.

a week ago, Bernard Squarcini, the former strong man of the police under Nicolas Sarkozy, whom he is close, has been indicted notably for concealment of a violation of the secrecy of the instruction, influence-peddling and embezzlement of public funds. He is suspected of having taken advantage of his contacts in the police and its networks to obtain privileges or confidential information on ongoing investigations.

Bernard Squarcini, n°2 of the RG (general Information), boss of the Directorate of territorial surveillance (DST) and the central Directorate of internal security (DCRI, become ISB), nicknamed the “Sharks”, was converted into the private after he was ousted from his position at the arrival of the left to power in 2012.


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