Friday, October 7, 2016

Seine-Saint-Denis: a former judoka, a priest, master of the burglar of his church – The Express

It was badly chosen his target. This Friday, a man attempted to rob a parish, in the Seine-Saint-Denis. Problem, the church was occupied by a priest follower of the judo, which was easily overpowered his attacker, reports France Blue.

The incident occurred around 8 o’clock. A man is introduced into the presbytery of the church of St. Louise of Marillac, to Drancy, obviously for the home break-in. At the same time, a mass was celebrated in the chapel, in front of twenty of the faithful.

But the plan did not take place without a hitch. On the spot, the thief found himself nose to nose with a parish priest 48-year-old, who had been alerted by the noise. The burglar struck him on the head with a bottle, but the priest, who practiced judo in his youth, succeeded in immobilizing it.

The priest slightly injured

According to France Bleu, the perpetrator was held to the ground by the priest, the arrival of the municipal police. Father Bertrand, slightly injured, spent the rest of the morning at the hospital. His attacker, aged 45 years, is “very unfavorably known to police services”, including for acts of robbery and violence.

The announcement of the attack, less than three months after the attack of Saint-Etienne of the Rouveray, has resulted in a police important. “The adjoining church, where there was a mass, was evacuated, and many vehicles have been mobilized,” said the director of the office of the mayor of Drancy.

“having regard to the context, when we are told a priest assaulted, can you imagine what we imagine,” said a police source, who described a “very enhanced”, with “several crews” and dogs loaded to detect possible explosives. “We immediately made all the research to ensure that there was no connotation of a terrorist, all the intrusions become suspicious,” added the police officer.


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