Saturday, October 1, 2016

Emmanuel Macron balance on our health-care system “failed” – Le Parisien

Pas a word for the balance of Marisol Touraine, minister of Health for almost five years, nor for the hole of social security, of which the end is announced for 2017. But the balance sheet that Emmanuel Macron presented this Saturday on the French health system says a lot about his vision of the work of his former colleague in the government.

” Inequality ” outrageous “. in Front of 500 professionals and experts from the Health sector who attended the Convention Cham held in Chamonix on the delicate subject of “Money for health” by the Pr Guy Vallancien, Emmanuel Macron was applied to highlight all the shortcomings of our system that it considers without detour ” failed “. And to argue : “We have a system of excellent care. But in addition, the vaccination rate is the lowest in Europe, consumption of antibiotics and psychotropic drugs is the highest in Europe, life expectancy tends to decrease, and uneven depending on the area, a obesity three times higher among the workers… “. And this diagnosis which may make them jump, Marisol Touraine : “We have managed to maintain inequalities unworthy “.

long lasting fine of the hole safely ? Interviewed a little later on the end of the hole of social security, announced by Marisol Touraine in 2017, he responded that “the question is : is it sustainable in a system that innovates more and more and that is aging significantly, with the health needs and health-care professionals who are evolving ? I don’t think so. Has 5-10 years with the same balances, that today it will not do “.

First measurement of Macron president ? What is the first step on the health would be Emmanuel Macron, if he were elected president ? “This would build a multi-year strategy that would integrate the massive investment required, technological and organizational innovations “. A multi-year funding, therefore, for more visibility. Is this then the end of the sacrosanct Ondam, this national Target of expenditure of health insurance ? “I think in any case that it should be refounded,” he said.

Late payment. In the concrete, it does not relinquish the third-party payer full-denounced by the doctors, and wants to put in place, Marisol Touraine as of November 2017, ” a method of payment, not a reform “, insists it. On the other hand, it considers that it is necessary to return the payment to the act ” to deal with the overload of work “, and ” a new sociology of doctors who want to work otherwise.”

For him, the payment to the act that we know today (consultation is 23€, etc.), has ” a problem of efficiency. With him, the doctor is losing in sales if it is prevention, it has more interest to have the consultation recurrent. However, we need more prevention. The question is less how much one gives more act than with how one décloisonne, how we make partnerships to the hospital between private and public, how to introduce flexibility, more autonomy, including means on the territories, for a better coordination of care ? Ca is back on a lot of dogma, those who oppose public and private “…

Inability to decide. present Paradox, according to former minister of the Economy : “We see the upcoming changes at high speed : the innovation, the behaviour of professionals who are changing, demand of patients, which evolves…. You know that something needs to be done, but there is a problem of collective decision-making. It responds in steps, it is quite insufficient”.

Emmanuel Macron, whose family is a doctor, should make tracks to health ” during December “.


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