Saturday, October 1, 2016

Demonstration prohibited in Calais : five police officers and a photographer wounded in the clashes – The Parisian

La demonstration was prohibited. Clashes have erupted Saturday in the vicinity of the Calais “Jungle” between law enforcement and migrants supported by activists of the ultra-left, causing five minor injuries among police officers, said the prefecture of the Pas-de-Calais. A photographer from the AFP have also been injured. The situation has finally calmed down to 19 hours. Bernard Cazeneuve, has “condemned in the strongest terms the acts of violence committed by militants”.

the scuffles occurred while the prefecture was banned in the middle of the week a show of support for migrants, scheduled for Saturday, and that was from the “Jungle” to reach the centre of the port city. Seized in summary proceedings, the administrative court of Lille had validated the ban on Friday night.

A photographer of the AFP wounded

“To 15: 40, 200 persons, mostly of No borders and migrant workers, gathered in front of the CRS. As the gathering was prohibited, it was carried out the customary warnings and CRS have pushed the migrants on the band of 100 m (which had been fully decommissioned in early 2016, editor’s NOTE), to the interior of the camp itself,” explained Stephen Desplanques, director of the office of the préfète of the Pas-de-Calais. The CRS were then used tear gas and used a craft pitcher of water.

VIDEO. Clashes near the Calais Jungle, 3 CRS minor injuries

in The course of these clashes, a photographer from AFP was slightly wounded, reached by “a stone as big as an apple,” he said, which has a gash in the scalp. His colleague from the Reuters news agency saw the windscreen of his vehicle shattered. These skirmishes continued around 17: 30. It was impossible to get in and out of the camp of migrants at the level of the main access.

A little later, protesters threw projectiles on trucks using the bypass port, and a police vehicle was damaged, according to this witness, who has heard radio calls from police asking for reinforcements. On the area of activiités Marcel-Doret, a few hundred meters from there, the migrants were trying to disconnect the wires from the batteries of several trucks, according to a police source.

According to a journalist present at the site, several protesters were also injured.

in addition, bus in the direction of Calais were blocked in the afternoon. “Four buses departed this morning from the door of the Chapel have been subject to an identity check on the toll of Setques. It is a question of activists of ultra-leftist parisian and migrants from Paris”, has also confirmed Stephen Desplanques, the director of the office of the préfète of the Pas-de-Calais.

Philippe Poutou (NPA) present in a bus blocked

“On 23 January, the group (of the international Coalition of sans-papiers and migrants CISPM, editor’s note) had been at the origin of an event which resulted in the flooding of the port of Calais by a group of 200 migrants and the penetration of about 80 on the “Spirit of Britain”, he recalled Etienne Desplanques.

A spokesperson for the CISPM present in one of the coaches, who did not wish to give his identity, said that the four coaches had been blocked for about two hours and had been forced to make a u-turn and return to Paris.

“at Around 16: 30, after having been stalled for more than two hours, we had to turn back and we are escorted by the gendarmes. We condemn this interference with the freedom of movement”, said the representative of the collective. This block has also been denounced by the New anti-capitalist party : “The NPA, which is present in the buses currently blocked and on up to Calais with his presidential candidate Philippe Poutou, requires discontinuation of the blockade implemented by the prosecutor, that is to say, the State. The solidarity can’t be stopped !”, he said in a statement released in the afternoon.


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