Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Emmanuel Macron had to look twice to submit his resignation to president François Hollande – LeLab Europe1

STORYTELLING – Oh that was hard, Emmanuel Macron, to leave the government led by Manuel Valls. It was not until the end of the summer to pack up and go on as if the heart is being torn as the body went away. And then tell the test passage, repeat it, spread it. So does the storytelling of the former minister of the Economy report by his followers the story of his departure from the government team.

at the End of September, we learned that the ex-boss of Bercy was gone “on a real disagreement intellectual with Valls on the economic policy and with Holland on the revocation of nationality and european politics“. This Tuesday, October 4, we discover in The new yorker, which Emmanuel Macron has had to take two times for getting to leave for good François Hollande. It is the senator-mayor PS of Lyon Gérard Collomb, great support from the former minister, who relates this heart-wrenching break :

His resignation at the end of August was a real tear. besides, he had to build it twice because he went to see the President on Saturday and then the Tuesday.

Olala, that this was hard. But it is so. A-dé-chi-re-ment, we told you. “Her relationship with him was that of a spiritual son. When the children leave the paternal house, it is always a heartbreak, but this is the life“, adds Gérard Collomb, thus meaning that the former minister of the Economy is the man of the renewal®, while François Hollande is the man of the past.

It is also necessary to explain that the departure of the government was not an act of treason against the President. This was already the goal of Emmanuel Macron, at the end of September, when he justified his resignation, speaking of the deprivation of nationality… It was publicized in February, his “discomfort philosophical” in the face of the debate, but there was no indication in his remarks that it was a yellow line might lead to his departure from government. It will also take six months to do so.

where are surprised by this, is that the version of the camp Macron is not really that given by the camp Holland. But this is only a question of interpretation.


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