Tuesday, October 4, 2016

An exercise “alert attack” which could go very wrong… – Europe1

This is finally a year-enough classic, which was held at the port of Calais last Friday. In a full state of emergency drills “alert attack” are on the rise in France, but this one would have been able to know an issue well dramatic. Because if usually all the forces of the order are warned as to what kind of exercises, this has not been the case this time.

indeed, a company of CRS is precisely placed at the port of Calais at the time and was believed to be a true attack. They are, therefore, occurred as if someone was armed, but fortunately, “they were able to keep their composure”, note in the journal North Coast, Denis Hurth, delegate UNSA.

“This is not the time to get out of hand”. While the company CRS patrol, they are notified by an employee of the port that a woman comes to get a weapon at the entrance of it. It was then that the patrol locates the woman who is heading to the loading dock of the ferry. And it is at this point that they decide to intervene. While they are a challenge to the woman, it announces that it is in reality an exercise. “In general, on sensitive places, we are warned,” says the delegate UNSA in North Coast before adding, “given the climate disorder, and current, this is not the time to get out of hand”.

“We came close to disaster”. According to David Létendart of the Committee of hygiene, safety and working conditions of the port (CHSCT), “there has been a communication problem. It was close to disaster. These stakeholders are supposed to detain the suspect, were not aware of, or a deposit has been poorly understood. It is only after that the guinea pig had realized that she would have been able to take a bullet in the head”. The COMMITTEE therefore asks today of the accounts as he was not aware of this exercise. “It also seems surprising that the exercise took place in the middle of the day. We want to try to understand what happened and take corrective action”, added David Létendart who has also asked to view the images and see the account of the transaction. If no result is given to its requests, it may request the opening of an investigation with the Inspection of the Work


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