Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Terra Nova wants to legalize cannabis on the model of online games – The World

cannabis Plant.

The creation of an Authority of regulation of cannabis (ARCA) modeled on the regulatory Authority of online games (Arjel) would allow for the legalization of cannabis in France, on a market controlled, writes Terra Nova in a report published Tuesday, 4 October.

According to the think tank filed to the left, the problem of cannabis is similar to that of games connected consumers with similar behaviors. In addition, the offer is working ” provides physical and online offers, “.

As the act of may 12, 2010 legalizing the gambling market and of chance, the bet of the legalization of cannabis is ” the drying of the criminal marketplace on the one hand, taking into account a public health problem of the other “, ” says the report.

With 4.6 million French have consumed cannabis at least once (figures for 2014), according to the French Observatory for drugs and drug addiction (ODT), France is still leading the european ranking in terms of cannabis use. And ” the prevention campaigns conducted in the general population have been as low efficiency “, reminds us of Terra Nova.

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Disconnect from the market, departments

The think tank also highlights the impotence of the criminal policy. the ” arrests for the possession or use of cannabis have more than doubled over the decade 2000 “, the report noted, while ” the number of consumers has continued to grow “.

once legal, the sale of cannabis could be entrusted to the authorized dealers by the regulatory authority specifically dedicated to it, the ARCA, in ” the network of tobacconists, tobacco, pharmacies, dispensaries, or a new network of shops “.

As for the tobacco, the marketing would then be subject to a ” ban to minors “, ” health warnings and packaging neutral “, and ” a ban on consumption in public places and enclosed working and covered “.

with Regard to the production, it ” could be done by farmers in france, authorized by licenses from the department of agriculture, or by foreign enterprises “, with a dosage of THC (Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) is limited.

The creation of an independent administrative authority would finally be ” the advantage of disconnecting a cannabis market generator of tax revenue and the ministries of the budget or finance “, says the think tank, the government ” the unfortunate habit of getting addicted to the tax revenue easy “.

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