Monday, October 3, 2016

44 migrants are arrived at Forges-les-Bains – Le Parisien

Ils are there. Since mid-August and the first rumors of their arrival, the migrants work in the daily conversation of the inhabitants of Forges-les-Bains. Expected departure for the September 24, their installation in the visitor center has been pushed back a few weeks.

on Monday, a little before 14: 30 these men originating particularly in Afghanistan have been transported from Paris to Forges in a minibus. Rather young, they each had a small bag or two. In two back-and-forth, 44 migrants were, therefore, integrated into the premises belonging to the city of Paris and requisitioned by the State. Others are expected to follow with this number to 91, in the coming weeks, when the premises have been rehabilitated.

Since the beginning of September the building had been deliberately flooded, and the victims of an arson attack. In the wake of this, a meeting under voltage was held with the prefecture and the municipality in the face of the people (see box).

The shuttles complete their back-and-forth routing of the 44 afghan migrants at the reception centre of Forges-les-Bains. The door closes and the site is placed under surveillance. For their part, migrants unload their business, and are distributed in the rooms. (LP/F. L.)

a rumor, the project now takes on a form very practical for the inhabitants. “These migrants are welcome in the waiting processing of their application for asylum, says the prefecture. The safety conditions are met and the departmental direction of social cohesion in connection with Emmaus Solidarity provides the accompaniment. “

” It’s crazy when even we have not notified “

This Monday, in front of the site, a dozen residents were installed to discuss and prevent the parents visiting the school, very close to the arrival of “neighbors” migrants. “We saw the shuttles from this morning from the centre, and since they are new we doubted that this was not for review “, stresses inhabitant of the district. “It’s crazy when even we have not at all prevented, plague a mom. We would not have met with hostility, you should stop to take us for animals. But we do not respect this time. “

The collective of people called “Forge the future” has announced that a demonstration would be organised on Saturday to protest against the arrival of migrants without consultation. Contacted, the town hall of Forges-les-Bains has not responded to our solicitations.

arrival under voltage

the announcement of The arrival of migrants to Forges-les-Bains has caused a few clashes. And many meetings. Back on these few weeks under high-voltage.

the End of June. The town hall of Forges-les-Bains meeting of the city of Paris in order to recover the old hospital of the Forges. Nothing indicates the arrival of a migrant reception center at this location.

the End of July. The representatives of the State announced to the mayor the arrival of 200 migrants in the former hospital. They will have details that almost 3 weeks later.

2 September. Mary Lespert-Chabrier, the mayor (SE) of Forges-les-Bains, announced officially on the website of the city the arrival of migrants to the 24th of September.

3 September. A flood volunteer of the premises of the future center of home leads to a collapse of a part of the ceiling.

5 September. internal Meeting in city hall at about migrants. 200 people organized a protest in front of the town hall.

6 September. An arson fire ravaged the roof of another part of the buildings.

7 September. A meeting is organized by the prefecture in a municipal hall. It is crowded and interrupted by the invectives of the public.

September 10. A meeting more cordial with the parents of the students of the nearby school of the site leads to “security measures around schools,” according to the prefecture.

24 September. A survey is being conducted by the municipality. 61 % of the 1 737 voters (the city counts 3 800 people) are adverse to the reception of migrants.

28 September. 150 people come in to the full city council gagged to protest against the arrival of migrants.

3 October. 44 migrants settle down in the premises. Others are expected to follow.


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