Thursday, October 13, 2016

In a rainstorm water, Hérault placed by vigilance red –

Storm in  Palavas-les-Flots, close to Montepellier, in the  south of France. - PASCAL GUYOT -  AFP

Storm in Palavas-les-Flots, close to Montepellier, in the south of France.


Hérault, affected by heavy rainfall, and where the courses have not been insured Thursday, has been placed in vigilance red in the end of the day for the rains-floods provided from 20: 00 until Friday 16: 00.

Very few cars and pedestrians: on Thursday, the streets of Montpellier were particularly deserted, even during peak hours.”It is best to stay at home when rains also strong emerge”, said to AFP Caroline Daumas, a young mother of three children who was not working on Thursday to take care of his offspring and “limit travel and the risks to the maximum”.

“I’m going to do the same thing tomorrow, I’ve been lucky enough to have an employer understanding,” she said.

The fire department of the Hérault are also pleased to have had “little meaningful interventions to make and no injuries to report because prevention has worked”. They, however, remain “very vigilant” in the face of the night, which was announced Thursday night.

The Gard and the Aude, bordering departments of the Herault, has been placed in vigilance orange “heavy rainfall”. The Aveyron remains also in vigilance orange for the rains-floods and flooding, and the Bouches-du-Rhône to the winds.

The rains on the Hérault have already given totals of 100 mm to 150 mm, in particular in the west of the department, according to the latest bulletin from Meteo-France. On the bordering departments, the totals reach 50 to 80 mm, locally up to 120 mm on the east of the Aude.

the wind from The east reaches 100 to 110 km/h in gusts on the coasts, according to the same source.

These winds generate strong waves and result in a raising significant sea level, causing flooding on parts low and vulnerable coastline.

Météo-France provides that the rain storm will strengthen over the Hérault river in the night from Thursday to Friday and should add 100 to 200 mm.

“The courses are suspended in the schools, colleges, and high schools for the entire day of Friday”, for its part, said the prefecture héraultaise in a press release. This will be the second consecutive day that the students of the department will be deprived of an education, but unlike the day of Thursday, “no home will not be assured to avoid any displacement of pupils, families and personal”.

“The residents will be confined in their establishment, supervised by the staff present for the entire duration of the alert”, said the prefecture. “On the eve of this weekend, they return home will be insured when the red alert will be lifted”.

In the Gard, where the firefighters have not registered significant intervention, the prefect Didier Lauga has called for caution and prudence, and has also suspended the transportation to and from school on Friday. “Schools, colleges, and high schools will remain open, and will welcome students who would possibly”, he said in a statement.

In the Bouches-du-Rhône, firefighters have done an about sixty interventions due to the wind during the day, four vehicles have been damaged, have they indicated to the AFP.

In the Aude, the fire department has realized only three interventions of recognition. Six highways are flooded in the north-east (WELL north-east of the department, and therefore cut off to traffic, according to the information site of the county council.

In the Aveyron, no response related to the weather has for the moment been relieved by the fire department.


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