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In Strasbourg, Emmanuel Macron draft a the beginning of the program – The World

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Emmanuel Macron, a former minister of the  economy, walking in the streets of Strasbourg  before attending the first meeting of its motion  "power up!", Tuesday, October 4, 2016.

Slowly but surely, Emmanuel Macron is getting closer to a nomination in the presidential election of 2017. For his first meeting since his departure from government, reached at the end of August, the former minister had on Tuesday 4 October in Strasbourg, france, to begin to sketch the skeleton of the program, before about 1,200 supporters of his movement In walk !.

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But, he warned ahead of this that he presents as ” commons “, it will be renewed at le Mans on the 11th of October, then in Montpellier on 18 October, it is not a question of” a catalogue of 200 measures “, but rather ” ten to twelve commitments “ that he intends to wear during the campaign. Way of asserting, once more, that he is not of the political as the other. the ” It doesn’t pack a country with the piping “, takes in his surroundings.

Our journalist Cédric Pietralunga follows directly the meeting of Emmanuel Macron to Strasbourg :

For this first public meeting, Emmanuel Macron, has chosen the theme of ” commitment “, that is to say, of the means of ” to revitalize democracy “, that the former investment banker now considers ” rejected “. the ” The French love politics but conchient political leaders “, grieves Mr. Macron, who considers it necessary to strengthen the ” responsibility “ of the elect, and ” efficiency “ policy.

To do this, the mandarin-to-be 38-year-old offers several avenues for reflection, a default of ” technical measures “ to which the French no longer believe, according to him. First of all, it considers it necessary to introduce proportional representation in Parliament. ” We do not rule on the extreme by excluding them, it reinforces them “, ja-t-it. This proportional may be introduced ” massive ” in the Senate, and more modestly in the national Assembly, in order to preserve the logic of the majority.

re-establishing the principle of “responsibility” in politics

similarly, Mr. Macron is in favour of a limitation of terms of office, to ensure that the policy comes down to a ” Republic of staffers, and of permanent political parties “. the ” It should help the French to more easily access the function of an elected official “, ” he says, without clarifying whether this limitation would be in time or would on the number of terms.

in Order to restore the principle of ” responsibility “ in politics, which he believes has now disappeared, the former protégé of François Hollande also advocates to create a commission of citizens, who would be drawn at random, the task of monitoring the work of the executive with the assistance of the Court of accounts. Each year, the president of the Republic could be heard, in order to account for its commitments.

” The president is part of the long time but it has to feed the democratic debate, the democratic vitality of the country cannot be reduced to voting every five years “, said Mr. Macron, citing in particular the work of Pierre Rosanvallon.

In the same way, it considers it necessary for ministers to be auditioned by the Parliament before taking up their duties, to ensure that they have the ” minimum knowledge required “.

Finally, Emmanuel Macron considers it necessary to improve the” efficiency “ of public policies, especially through their assessment, a theme which was dear to Michel Rocard. the ” It has changed fifty times the labour code in the past ten years and it takes a lot of time “ for little results, he says. To remedy this, the ex-minister offers to bet more on the” autonomy and devolution “. the ” we must give back skills closer to the ground “, ” he says, taking in particular the example of the reform on the autonomy of universities, led by Nicolas Sarkozy.

” Sometimes, some functions are better carried out by associations or by the private sector “ that ” State “, said Mr. Macron, recalling that the 190 000 firefighters who ensure the safety of civil in france are not public servants.

” For the management of certain major risks, it is necessary to be able to delegate to the private, with the guarantee of the State, if necessary “, ” he says.

Plans to privatize certain functions or activities today in the bosom of the State ? the ” It is an idea, a line of work “, but not yet a proposal, ensures cautiously the former minister, who knows to what extent this subject is epidermal in France. Emmanuel Macron is running. But not yet a candidate.

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