Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Macron descends into the arena and charge Juppé and Sarkozy, Le Figaro

In a meeting Tuesday evening in Strasbourg, the ex-minister of the Economy has responded to the criticism and lashed to the two candidates from the primary to the right and the centre.

special Envoy to Strasbourg

He woke up the room all of a sudden, without warning. It was nearly an hour and a half already that the public of Emmanuel Macron was dozing vaguely, a little stunned by the exposure of arduous diagnosis of the country carried out by its “walkers”. A little lost also in the speech of the former minister of the Economy and devoted to democratic renewal. Tuesday evening in Strasbourg, the meeting of the leader of March! threatened to turn into a missed appointment. And then suddenly, without warning, Emmanuel Macron has donned his boxing gloves and began pounding like a deaf on Alain Juppé and Nicolas Sarkozy. On the first one to recall his judicial sentences passed in the case of ‘ghost’ employees of the city of Paris, on the second to denounce the passing of his campaign accounts.

The former prime minister of Jacques Chirac? “How can we imagine to seriously control the destiny of the country when his integrity a personal question ?”, interviewed Emmanuel Macron before chanting: “This is no longer possible. “Annoyed of the critics of Alain Juppé, he also has a little added: “How can you want to give lessons in the greatest contempt, and continue to promise the French.”

As for Nicolas Sarkozy, the leader of the running! has shown to be even more direct. “How can we imagine to present in front of the French when it was deliberately exceeded the limit of expenses allowed for his campaign?”, he questioned before chanting again: “It is no longer possible.” Standing audience, applause, cheering crowd, and a voice that wanders a bit to Emmanuel Macron, as entered by his own boldness. In a hollow, it is also taken to François Hollande to denounce his method. In particular on the law on labour and the lack of preparation of the text in the upstream source, according to him, manifestations of a pattern in the street.

Finite benevolence, then. Finished also the rule he had set up then do not respond to ad hominem attacks. Emmanuel Macron descends into the arena, a further sign of his determination to be a candidate. Yet, he has not said a word. As usual. Its supporters are responsible for him making himself throw “Macron president” during and at the end of his speech.


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