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Pierre Tchernia is dead – The World

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Pierre  Tchernia at the ceremony of the Caesars February  22, 2008.

It was “Mr. cinema” and ” The Friend public # 1 “. The title for this issue was well to his broad smile and his jovial character. The film director and journalist Pierre Tchernia is dead at the age of 88, announced his agent on Saturday 8 October.

Retracing his career, is go through sixty years of television history, the RDF (French radio) to the TNT (digital terrestrial Television). As three other Pierre Desgraupes, Dumayet, Sabbagh –, Tchernia was one of the pioneers of this new media which is called timidly in French homes ; those who, Cognacq-Jay, joined their names to the first newscasts in 1949 and increased the emissions as a writer, director and animator. Not yet an industry, just a craft. The young film buff jack-of-all fun to invent images how to teach with lightness, distracted with joy. He performed sketches and anima games for kids big and small. He loved his job, specifically for the diversity and the freedom it gave him.

the Son of a worker, Ukrainian immigrant in France, Pierre Tcherniakowski was the last of a family of four children. He grew up in Courbevoie and is discovered early a passion for the 7e art cinema of his district. He was twelve years old when he was upset in 1940 by The fantastic Ride of John Ford. After his baccalaureate, he enrolled at the technical School of the trades of the cinema and of photography. He got a failing grade in sensitométrie but managed to integrate in the second year, the Institute of high cinematographic studies (IDHEC, now FEMIS). His promotion had Claude protestant redemption church and Alexandre Tarta.

radio on tv

In 1947, Pierre Tchernia made his debut on radio at the Club d’essai, directed by Jean Tardieu. For having heard in “A bad quarter of an hour to pass,” Pierre Sabbagh, research staff recruited him for the newscast. He was commenting on silent images, in 16 mm, a few thousand viewers. The young reporter covered the auto shows and the domestic arts. He celebrated the arrival of spring and Valentine’s day. During the first fifteen years that he spent on television, that is, until the appearance of the second string, Pierre Tchernia is démultiplia : micro-trottoir, in health magazines, variety shows. When the direct was invented, Pierre Tchernia realized, from 1956, features a mine shaft in Lens, in the home of a peasant, at the top of a lighthouse, the express train Paris-Lille. “Pure tv “, “tv that we wanted,” he said. He led also the first show in color, ” rainbow “, dedicated to a regiment of paratroopers.

It worked then ” The Sprinkler sprinkled “, ” Five columns “a” “. He replaced Jean Nohain “36 chandelles” and succeeded, in 1965, Gilles Margaritis at ” The Track the stars “. In the same year, he designed with his friends, Robert Rocca and Jacques Grello, the first issue of news satire. In ” The salt Box “, appeared the young Poiret and Serrault, Raymond Devos and Philippe Noiret. It was Sunday at lunch time live of the Buttes-Chaumont. Too sassy for the ministry of information of the time required to read the texts in advance. The team refused and decided to shut down rather than comply with the censorship. Period daring and enthusiasm : “This was a time quite extraordinary because everyone was addicted : to the public to see, we are to give to see. All the children of the village school of the IIIe Republic, we were the teachers smiling, ” he wrote in his memoirs published in 2003.

With him, we discovered the joys of the circus, the productions of Walt Disney, the television series Zorro. Pierre Tchernia loved Tex Avery and the fireworks, the music hall and the kind words. “We cannot, even by forcing its ugly nature, does not love Pierre Tchernia because it is a man – as I say, this is a man, it is a child, a child whose pastime is to make us share his pleasures, his tastes, his friendships,” wrote the dialogue writer Henri Jeanson in the Dawn on December 24, 1968. He added : “From a child he has the candor, the illusions and the dreams. He still believes in Father Christmas. To believe in, it is enough for him to look in her ice cream. “

Love of the large and small screen

He knew how to make contagious his love of the cinema since 1949, thanks to the series ” the Kings of the night “. Created at the initiative of the leader of the Centre national de la cinématographie (CNC), to remedy the disaffection of the audience, he led for more than twenty years “Mr. cinema” (1966-1988), which included extracts from films, interviews and games. On her tray passed all actors and stage directors French. Just return of things : the issue appears in a scene from The american Night of François Truffaut. Succeed “Thursday theater” and ” Tuesday cinema “.

” I belong to the generation that made the television because the film does we not open its doors. And making of the tv, we didn’t know we were going to hurt this movie that we loved so much. (…) The tv had stolen enough of an audience to try of him to make it a little “, will tell about Pierre Tchernia in may 1987. As Patrick Brion, Claude-Jean-Philippe, Alain Bévérini and Henry Chapier, he managed to reconcile his love of the big and small screen, ensuring the promotion of the first by the second. He presented the Cannes film Festival and the ceremony of the Caesars for several years.

” Magic Tchernia “

Very popular with viewers, Pierre Tchernia erected the friendship cardinal virtue. He is honored by the affection of Lino Ventura and René Goscinny who caricatura his silhouette imperator of 1,87 meter in five albums of Asterix. For his friend, the man of troop Branquignols and filmmaker Robert Dhéry, Tchernia wrote the screenplays for The Beautiful American andare Going to France ! Passed to the achieving, this lovers of cinema did turn his old accomplice cabaret, Michel Serrault, in his four feature films, comedies, social benevolent tone. These stories of the double or duplication disordered by the burlesque, these domestic conflicts, bringing together the flower of the French cinema, met a nice success. In The World, Jean de Baroncelli called The Life of the ” film noir-tinted pink “.

For the small screen, Pierre Tchernia signa adaptations successful of Marcel Aymé, one of his authors of choice. From the 1980s, it no longer acknowledged on television that he had loved so much. The obsession of the audience the enlaidissait. Too much money. Not enough direct. Pierre Tchernia hated the zapping. “The most beautiful program, this is the Tour de France,” said he. The young generations that discovered this man affable that had rocked the childhood of their parents thanks to the “Children of tv” on TF1 where, from 1994, it presented the archive on the small screen. A second youth was offered to the dean respected that the facilitator Arthur called it ” Magic Tchernia “. In 2002, he took up with his debut as an actor interpreting the role of the centurion and narrator Caius Gaspachoandalus in Asterix and Obelix, mission Cleopatra, directed by Alain Chabat. The legionary wore beautiful sound quintal. Pierre Tchernia was removed in 2006.


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