Saturday, October 8, 2016

Sarkozy : the impossible referendum – The Point

Alain Juppe was speaking of “wind of panic” about Nicolas Sarkozy. Even in the sarkozystes, it is feared the “overheating” of the chef who, to catch up, throws it on the table his last card : the proposal to hold a referendum, in the 2nd round of legislative, June 18, 2017, on topics as hot as the administrative detention of stuck S and the suspension of family reunification. “This is impossible legally and politically “, points out Jean-François Copé, yet little suspect of complacency towards the jihadists…

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indeed, article 11 of the Constitution provides that a referendum can be organized only when the rooms are combined. “When the referendum was held on the proposal of the government, the fact, before each assembly, a declaration which is followed of a debate,” says the article 11 of the basic Law.

Forgiveness is to remember the obvious but, in June 2017, prior to the parliamentary elections, the national Assembly will still be left. It is therefore sufficient that the socialists, ecologists and communists tabled a motion of censure in the course of this debate that the government formed by president Sarkozy jumps and that any proposed referendum falls in the water… in Short, the date of the 18th of June, is impossible to hold. This inconsistency legal also applies to Bruno Le Maire, who, in his ” contract presidential “, in the same way a referendum on the 18th of June…


The tool of the referendum vote is to be handled with care. History has abundantly shown. François Hollande, who took part this week in a symposium on ” Remaking democracy “, warned his zealots. “Except to use the popular consultation as a way to get in the crowd the translation of his anger, I am not sure that this is, again, a good mode of government, and the formulation of the law,” launched the head of State after having recalled the disappointments of the recent past. Viktor Orbán in Hungary was thought to be an arm of honour at the Europe on the issue of migrant workers, except that the low participation invalidated the referendum. In Colombia, it is a peace agreement with the Farc, which has been rejected by the people… for the Brexit, it has given rise to a comedy incredible political in Britain : “Those who had called for a negative vote are stolen ; and those who had to be called to vote yes, now, decided bravely to go to the end in the Brexit, go figure !” was François Hollande in front of the parliamentarians.

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The proposals of Nicolas Sarkozy are facing, what is more, problems of incompatibility with the international commitments of France. It would therefore be necessary to pre-expose in good and due form, the international charters which form the basis of rules of family reunification.

As to the incarceration of the ” plugged-in S the most dangerous “, the politicians are many to remember that the legal arsenal of the French law is sufficient. Valérie Pécresse and Marine Le Pen share, for example, the idea that the articles of the criminal Code on “intelligence with the enemy” are applicable to those who are trying to leave Syria or who are already there.


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