Friday, October 7, 2016

Sarkozy proposes a referendum on reunification and another on the plugged-in S – The World

Nicolas Sarkozy, the 5 October to Montauban.

Guest of the television news of France 2, Friday 7 October, the day before a meeting of large-scale projected at the Zenith of Paris, Nicolas Sarkozy has announced its intention to propose to the French two referendums, on June 18, 2017, the date of the second round of legislative elections. If he was re-elected president, these consultations would address issues, according to him, ” essential “, said the former head of State, currently as the loser in the polls in the face of Alain Juppé.

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He would ask the French to approve two of its proposals, which it had already announced in the past :

  • the automatic suspension of the family reunification
  • the administrative detention of individuals in a database’s ” the most dangerous ” (” S “for State security)

The solution in this referendum,” it is the choice of democracy “, has justified Nicolas Sarkozy, who had already proposed a referendum during his 2012 campaign, citing the general de Gaulle.

The recourse to a referendum is only possible during the parliamentary sessions the entourage of Mr. Sarkozy clarified that the present Meeting would be convened in extraordinary session for the presentation of these referendums, which will add to the cumulation of mandates and the reduction in the number of mps, have already been announced.

” Problem is huge “

If the Constitution does not provide for the voting of the assemblies on the texts submitted to a referendum, but a simple debate, the manoeuvre would, however, be risky. Because in calling the current majority, the left, the new government, of right, to him, would thus in the ability to file and vote a motion of censure… and the reverse.

in Order to justify the recourse to a referendum on the family groupings, the former head of State said : “The population explosion taking place in Africa will double in population in thirty years (…) fact that we are no longer able, from my point of view, to accept the automaticity of family reunification for non-eu foreign “. Mr. Sarkozy referred to a “problem huge of an integration in the republic “, which, according to him, ” does not work “.

The family reunion, which involved approximately 12 000 people in 2015 in France, is not a law ” automatic “. The alien making the application must reside for at least eighteen months legally in France and have including a card of temporary residence of at least one year, a resident card or a resident card, long-term of the european Union of ten years. It must also justify the resources.

” complicated Period “

about the fight against terrorism, Mr. Sarkozy said register ” false “ in the face of the assertion a few hours before François Hollande, that the whole French criminal was ” full “ in the face of terrorism.

” I’ll ask the question do you agree that the Security minister is able to decide the implementation of administrative detention of plugged-in S the most dangerous ?, has announced that the former head of State, stating that it provided a ” the intervention of the judge a posteriori. The Council of State had rejected such a hypothesis by December 2015 : ” It is not possible to authorize by law, outside of any criminal proceedings, the retention, drop-in centres provided for this purpose, people have become radicalized, with indexes of dangerousness and known as such by the police, without, however, having already been the subject of a conviction for acts of terrorism. “The establishment of the desired extent by Nicolas Sarkozy would violate also the european law.

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Mr Sarkozy was speaking to six weeks from the first round of voting, which will appoint the candidate of the Republicans for the presidential election of 2017. According to his relatives, as cited by AFP, Nicolas Sarkozy is facing an offensive for a week, even though he previously seemed to be able to print its own pace in the countryside. This ” complicated period “, according to his entourage, which consists of an accumulation of old cases that recur : broadcast on France 2, a documentary on Bygmalion, the emergence of new evidence on a supposed funding of libya from his campaign in the 2012 presidential election ; the publication by his former advisor Patrick Buisson, a book very critical.


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