Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Police officers assaulted: The police cars will be equipped with devices anti-caillassage – 20minutes.fr

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After the attack with Molotov cocktails to police Saturday in the Essonne, the cars police in sensitive areas will now be equipped with devices anti-caillassage, or even shields, announced on Tuesday Manuel Valls. The uniforms will also be made fire resistant.

” in practical terms, this will take the form of films anti-caillassage on the vehicles, or even armour in some cases. A work on the outfits is going to be undertaken quickly, to ensure that they are fully flame-retardant, ” said the Prime minister during questions to the government.

Manuel Valls has also announced a “reflection” on the use of mobile cameras in real-time. This possible use of “mobile cameras, not only a posteriori but in real time “will allow” to remotely view the circumstances of the intervention, and the means to deploy reinforcements if necessary “, he stressed.

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The Prime minister also highlighted the” extra effort “made in favour of the real estate credit of the police, which” will increase by 15 % ” as it was already foreseen in the budget 2017. This boost budget will ” finance the construction or renovation of new offices. I think Saint-Denis, Corbeil-Essonnes and also the Grande-Borne in Grigny “, he said.

These announcements come at a time when a few hundred police officers gathered in silence on Tuesday in front of the police stations of France in solidarity with their colleagues attacked Saturday in the Essonne. The police have also called for more resources and more firmness.

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