Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Mayor: to open the debate on religious signs conspicuous in the public services – The Figaro

Bruno Le Maire, candidate for the primary from the right, says he is “ready to open the debate on the wearing of religious signs conspicuous in the public services”, in an interview with the JDD where he finds this debate “not organized” until then. The question of whether to “ban the veil, out of school,” the mp, the LR of the Eure, and former minister replied: “I’m ready to open this debate on the wearing of religious signs conspicuous in the public services, whether hospitals, prefectures, or the universities”.

France has been the first in Europe to ban the full veil, burqa or niqab, in any public space, in 2010. The sailing school is prohibited since 2004. “When we see women walking around in niqab in the communes of France, it hurts decency, common. Let’s talk about that,” he continued. The wearing of the burqa (or niqab) must pass “a single ticket to a crime” and repeat offenders be more severely punished, according to him.

“political islam gangrene France for years,”

For The Mayor, there was, until then, that”a suite of reviews and remarks, but there is no debate” on these subjects. As it is opposed by Alain Juppé warns of a risk of civil war, to force the stigmatization of muslims, The Mayor argues that it is “not wanting to see the difficulties and fighting-not the political islam that we are at risk of going to serious difficulties in French society”.

Convinced that “political islam gangrene France for years”, he recalls in particular his proposals to “bring together all the texts that exist – laws, regulations, case law – to publish a code of secularism” clarifying rules and sanctions, or organize differently the islam of France, which is currently “under the influence of foreign powers”, with, for example, “a referent secularism” in each prefecture.

Nicolas Sarkozy pleaded Wednesday for “the application of the same rule for everyone: no veil, no burkini, not hours in the pools, and the strict equality between man and woman”. Gérald Darmanin, co-ordinator of her campaign for the primary, has assured Friday that the former president of the Republic did not intend to prohibit the wearing of the veil “in the street”, as these remarks had been able to let think of some.

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