Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Landes : 15 years in prison for the parents of Killian, almost 5 years ago, death to the “small fire” – The Parisian

Un couple of parents in the landes, was sentenced Tuesday night to Mont-de-Marsan (Landes) to 15 years imprisonment for violence resulting in death without intention of giving it to their son of 4 years and 11 months, born sick, and beaten, under-fed, and left to die “small fire”.

The verdict is consistent with the 15 years required by the represents of the prosecution, the attorney general, Celine Bucau, even if the jurors of the assize Court of the Landes have not followed in his request for withdrawal of parental authority, have indicated My Pierre-Bernard Ducamp and Frédéric Dutin, respectively, lawyers for the mother and the father. The couple of young people in their thirties had faced 30 years in prison.

at the end of the trial of seven days, which has experienced an outage on Wednesday due to the hospitalization of the mother after feeling unwell, the paternal grandmother has been sentenced to six months suspended sentence for violence against the child, born with a heart defect and lung, accompanied by the syndrome of Di George, a rare disease due to a genetic abnormality.

A very strong under-nutrition

at its birth, Killian, who already had four sisters, had been placed in a center infant specialist, before being allowed to return home to Mont-de-Marsan, before his three years, under medical follow-up. But, on April 27, 2010, the child had been found dead at the family home, attesting to a very high malnutrition -he weighed 10 kg – and many lesions. The autopsy had also identified the presence of Antarax, an anxiolytic.

If the causes of death have not been clearly defined, the parents have confessed that they regularly put “big slaps behind the head” of the child and to have inflicted punishment “because it was not clean” or “don’t eat soon enough”, the father (non-biological but having recognized the child) explaining also have occasionally hit “to have peace”. A psychologist, as an expert at trial, observed the mother to have a “life of misery since childhood”, “education without markers, and the reproductive unconscious family patterns”.

dysfunctions in the social services

The trial has also highlighted failings in the chain of child protection, between the Service of special education and home-based care (schools and institutions), social Assistance to children (Ase), but also the general practitioner or the family court judge. Many of the alerts had not been followed up.

For Me Dutin, who had asked for the acquittal of criminal and the requalification of the facts of the violence habitual, not having been at the origin of death, “the emotion aroused by this case has prevailed”. He said he wanted to “leave the time of reflection” in view of a possible appeal.


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