Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Salah Abdeslam released by his lawyers, and now ? – Europe1

They are throwing in the towel. Frank Berton and Sven Mary, the lawyers, the French and belgian Salah Abdeslam announced on Wednesday that they would provide more to the defense of Salah Abdeslam, suspect-key attacks 13 November in Paris. “We are not going to stay sitting next to him watching in silence”, was justified on Europe1, the tenor of the bar in lille. “He doesn’t want to talk, it is a right that belongs to him. But in these circumstances, it is difficult, if not impossible, to carry on our business.” Presented on four occasions to the co-investigating judges, the only survivor of the commando is each time remained silent. “I think that there will be no other attorneys. It no longer has the desire. Salah Abdeslam gives up. It is like a suicide, I’m afraid,” he added in Obs Frank Berton.

If Salah Abdeslam, including indicted for terrorist murders, can make the choice to remain silent throughout the proceedings, has the right to dispense with a lawyer ? “For the moment, it is necessary to know what he really wants. His former lawyer said that he did not want to be defended but we should receive his word”, warns Frédéric Sicard, president of Paris. If the jihadist alleged fact refuses to be assisted, it may be presented to the judges alone. To be assisted is indeed a right, not an obligation. “If it makes no particular wish, the investigating judge, me will likely be asked to appoint a defence counsel”, however, clarifies the “boss” of the lawyers of paris. Its board will then comes out of the Conference of the law society, the cream of young lawyers, as it is custom in matters of terrorism. Salah Abdeslam can also change your mind during the proceedings: he can decide in a first time to be presented only to a judge and then ask to be assisted.

in Front of the foundation, Abdeslam will not be alone. The presence of a lawyer is crucial in determining the progress of the investigation ? “By establishing a relationship of trust with our clients, we can push them to give their version of the case”, explains to Me Apolin Pepiezep, which defends, among others, Mehdi Nemmouche, the alleged perpetrator of the attack in the jewish museum in Brussels in 2014. Frank Berton was also conditioned its decision to defend the terrorist to his collaboration with justice. “It is a perilous exercise because it is not necessary that our customers are typically found in the silence in front of the judges but they should not be too incriminating,” said the council. The fact remains that hearings are only one aspect of the statement. “This is a major support, but we can’t force someone to talk ! Similarly, if he speaks, we can’t take his “revelations” for our cash, we need to verify”, note the magistrate Jean de Maillard, the union FO-Judiciary. The investigation will continue with or without the assistance of Salah Abdeslam.

in Front of the seat, on the other hand, the jihadist alleged will not have the choice. It is legally required to be assisted by a council. If it does not, it will be committed to office. “This lawyer can simply have act of silence and stand to the side of his client if the latter refuses to be defended,” concluded the president of the bar of Paris.


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