Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Seine-Saint-Denis : Molotov cocktails thrown at a high school, the proviseure assaulted – Franceinfo

The proviseure a high school from Tremblay-en-France (Seine-Saint-Denis) was struck at the gate of the lycée professionnel Hélène-Boucher, Monday, October 17, in the morning, and then clashes erupted against the forces of the order, covered by mortar fire. The acts of violence were filmed by the cctv of the city and are in operation. The public prosecutor of Bobigny has entrusted an inquiry to the Safety region.

Around 8 o’clock in the morning, “individuals are engaged in acts of degradation and violence in front of the hotel” explains the rector of the academy of Créteil. The proviseure, “at the gate, tried to reason with these individuals, to calm down the situation”. Lightly wounded in the face by four of them, it was transported to the hospital Robert Ballanger. The guardian of the property has been the victim of a malaise. The staff is a party take refuge in the refectory, says a professor interviewed by the Release, under the guise of anonymity.

Four Molotov cocktails were thrown at the façade without any damage, and three other bottles containing flammable liquid were found near the high school. Dispatched on the spot, police then came under fire from mortars, made by craftsmen in order to propel projectiles. In total, 80 young people were involved in these incidents, of which a dozen have been particularly virulent.

“The climate is really stretched out from the back”, indicates the professor interviewed by Liberation. It is already the third episode of violence to occur in the vicinity of the lycée professionnel Hélène-Boucher. On 10 October, some thirty young people armed with iron bars had faced each other in front of the speaker of the high school, where, four days earlier, two vehicles had been burnt. For the academy, this violence does not have a priori no connection with the life of the facility. the “We are in a context of urban violence of which it will be determine the causes.”

The minister of national Education, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, is expressed on Twitter.

François Asensi, deputy mayor (left Front) of Tremblay-en-France, has condemned, in a press release, an act of violence, “completely unacceptable”, adding that the city would be a complaint, just as the rector. For its part, Valérie Pécresse, president of the region Ile-de-France, condemned “with the greatest firmness the assaults intolerable abuses committed since the start of the school”.

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