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Replacement of teachers absent : that think the world of education announcements, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem ? – Europe1

The students of the primary and secondary school have missed, in total, 40.000 days of classes last year, according to the CIPF, the first organization of the parents of the students. At issue : the non-replacement of teachers absent. To reverse the trend, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem announced Tuesday several measures. But the proposals of the minister of Education are far to convince all the world, some of which already failed in the past.

overtime for teachers

This announcement was made by the minister. One of the key measures announced by the minister on “strengthening the potential replacement” is in fact the reactivation of a decree of… 2005. In the second degree, where an absence is less than or equal to 15 days, it is the institution that is in charge of finding a solution, and not the academy. These absences so-called “short-term” are those that pose the greatest challenge : 38% are not being replaced, compared with 97% when a teacher is unavailable for more than two weeks. To improve the situation, the minister promises to “re-enable the protocol,” 2005. This allows a teacher to an institution of up to five hours overtime a week, better paid, to compensate for the absence of a colleague from the same institution. Based on the voluntary basis, this system did not attract the teachers, to the point of being “fallen into disuse”, admits the minister.

How to reactivate it ? “The ministry will mobilize the academic services and the heads of institutions to ensure the presentation of protocols at the upcoming boards of directors of institutions, to ensure the dissemination of these protocols to the educational community as well as the programming of a balance sheet at the end of the school year”, we can read on the website of the ministry. But according to many observers, these initiatives are far from sufficient.

What’s being said in the educational environment. “If we stop at what has been announced, this device will give the same results as before. That is to say that it will fall into disuse”, slice Philippe Tournier, secretary-general of the SNPDEN, the main union of school leaders of the secondary, interviewed by Europe 1. “The same causes could produce the same effects. As long as this remains on a voluntary basis, as there will be more overtime to make that staff available, it will not advance”, says the headmaster. And chain : “above all, we need more flexibility. Today, the rectorats put systems in place for authorization of additional hours that are far too complicated. Result : when a teacher gets overtime, the teacher is absent, there is already income !”

The FCPE (parents) wants for her optimistic. She welcomed “measures which go in the right direction” and promises to push for the protocol to be applied. “We will remount all the institutions in which the replacement protocols are not presented in an effective manner. We are conducting a vigil, and will bring the message at the highest level for this to be effective,” assured Liliana Moyano, president of the CIPF, Tuesday, at the microphone of Europe 1.

Enhance the “pool” of replacements

This announcement was made by the minister. To replace the teachers in the school (1st degree) absent, the minister has confirmed the continuation of recruitment of staff. Objectives : to establish a “pool” of substitutes, that is to say, professors are ready to move on from absences. “In 2017, about 1,500 additional jobs that will be created”, promises the department. To make this “pool” is more effective, the minister announced a widening of its area of intervention. From the next school year, the substitute teacher will be assigned throughout the department in which they reside. They were, until now, confined within an area defined by the academy and which could be much smaller than a department.

What’s being said in the educational environment. On this measure, the FCPE (parents of students) is delighted to “have been heard”. The teachers, on the other hand, proves to be far less optimistic. “We’re going to lose management of the vicinity of the replacement, close to needs,” in The World Francette Popineau SNUipp-FSU, the union of primary school teachers.

better management of absences predictable

This announcement was made by the minister. The management of absences foreseeable must also be improved, hammered on Tuesday, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem. As well, the minister announced that the absences related to training or to participation in a jury will now be better “organized”. Teacher training courses may be organised during the school holidays, on the basis of volunteering and paid work. Similarly, the juries and the preparations of the review will be organized preferably on Wednesday afternoon.”

What’s being said in the educational environment. The catch ? “These are measures that are already known”, breath Philippe Tournier, the SNPDEN. And the latter concluded : “the possibility of organizing of the days of training during the holidays was mentioned as early as 1984. There is nothing wrong to say of these measures. But still it is necessary that they be applied…”


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