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For Emmanuel Macron, “no religion is a problem” – The World

The ex-minister should expose, on Tuesday in Montpellier, a vision of secularism different from that of Manuel Valls that it deems to be ” revanchist “.

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Emmanuel Macron visits the center

Emmanuel Macron was repeated often when he was a minister : he was frustrated not to be able to express themselves on topics other than economic. For the last of its three meetings so-called ” diagnostics “, Tuesday, October 18, at Montpellier, the candidate ” and on the right, and left “ has, therefore, decided to catch up and had to discuss topics as diverse as islam, secularism, the school, the nation, the social protection… ” Everything that allows a society to live together “, says one in the entourage of the candidate putative.

If it has already deflowered a part of his thoughts, in interviews published in recent weeks by the magazine Marianne and then by the site of the weekly Challenges, Mr. Macron must, in particular, refine, during this public meeting, its position on the debate of identity, which divide the political world, to the right as on the left. The former protégé of François Hollande in particular opposite recent weeks with Manuel Valls, accusing the prime minister of advocating a ” laïcité ” revanchist “ vis-à-vis the muslims.

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secularism ” is a freedom “

Wishing to cultivate his image atypical, Mr. Macron should ensure during his speech, that The World has been able to consult, that” in France, no religion is a problem “. acknowledges that ” our country has an issue with islam “, ” the exclusion, marginalization, or stigmatization “ of this religion is not the solution, said Mr Macron. the ” In our country, everyone is free to believe or not to believe. Everyone is free to practise or not the religion, with the level of intensity he wants in his internal forum, “ explains the ex-minister, for whom secularism ” is a freedom, before being a banned “.

Emmanuel Macron visits the center

But, he adds, ” if the freedom of conscience is total intransigence in respect of the laws of the Republic must be absolute. In France, there are things that are not negotiable “, as ” title “, ” equality between men and women “ or ” freedom “. How to respond to the accusations of naivety that are regularly addressed, particularly on the part of supporters of Mr Valls.

By the way, the former deputy secretary general of the Elysée slips a picnic to François Hollande, who had hammered out, in his speech of Wagram, on the 8th of September, that France is ” idea “ any more than” identity. Of course, France ” is not an identity, fixed, closed, folded up on a past that never was “, ” said Mr. Macron, but it is not ” an idea, which we think in the abstract “. For him, ” France is a will “.

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in the absence of concrete proposals, which he says is reserved for later, when it has decided to launch officially in the race to the presidential election, Mr. Macron should outline in Montpellier a few tracks to promote the integration of muslims. As many researchers and academics, including those at the origin of the ” call of the 41 “, which was launched this summer, the former minister proposes ” review the organisation of islam in France “, in order to ensure a better representation of French muslims in their instances.

” Proud to be French “

on the contrary, he asks that are broken ” associations that preach hatred of the Republic, hate our values, hate what we are and what we care “. It is, according to him, the” a cultural battle “. In a hollow, it can be read as a clean bill of health policy at the ministry of the interior, Bernard Cazeneuve, who has already been close these last few months several mosques and prayer rooms a radical.

similarly, Emmanuel Macron application of ” to rethink our policy in the city, “ to make more investment in neighbourhoods, in order not to let ” to the salafists, who are to replace our teachers, our teachers, our social workers, advisers of pole employment “. The ex-minister also proposes that generalized the ” anonymous controls hiring “ and ” penalizes employers that have unacceptable practices “. the ” Our mission is to ensure that French muslims are proud of being French before being proud to be muslims “ he concluded.

Mr. Macron also wants to ” reform social Security “

Accused by its detractors of being a liberal does not assume, Mr. Macron also had to take advantage of his speech from Montpellier to reassure ” lower “ and to convince them that ” the France that we want, this is not only a company that dedicates to the most strong “.

Specifically, Mr. Macron proposed to ” rebuilding social Security “, arguing that ” the protection to which each is entitled may not be sitting on the job “. the ” The State, the more that the social partners, should be the guarantor “ of this protection, he says, suggesting that ” authorities “ resume ” their support for strategy and decisions relating to the Unedic “, which is under ” a mountain of debt of over 30 billion euros “.

Mr. Macron advocates also sit the funding of the health clinic more on taxes than on the work. the ” It is necessary for the financing (…) focuses on the consumption, the pollution or the accumulation of capital. In any case, not only on the income of labour “ he says.

At its meeting on 11 October at le Mans, the former minister had already discussed the idea that even the employees left without a job after a resignation benefit from the unemployment insurance.


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