Friday, October 7, 2016

Stuck S : Sarkozy wants a referendum – The Figaro

Guest of 20 hours of France 2, on Friday, the candidate has formulated the two questions that would be submitted to the French if he returned to the Elysée.

French president Nicolas Sarkozy had already announced its intention to launch several referendums if he returned to the Elysium for “the French decide each time that it will be necessary on the key issues “. The candidate for the primary was expected to hold a consultation on the re-establishment of the cumulation of mandates and the reduction in the number of seats in Parliament, the evening of the second round of the general elections in June 2017. To the first question, he now wants to add two others: one on the administrative detention of persons considered dangerous and the other on the suspension of family reunification.

Guest of 20 hours of France 2, this Friday, Nicolas Sarkozy has even formulated the two new issues that would be subject to the French “Do you agree, in the image of the British as the “minister of Security” is able to decide the implementation of administrative detention of stuck’s most dangerous?”, he suggested. “Do you agree to that we delete, we suspend the automatic right to family reunification as long as Europe has no borders worthy of the name and of a european policy?”, a-t-he added.

“thorough Review”

On the bottom, these two proposals are not new. At the time of his entry into the campaign, he had announced his intentions in requesting that “the few hundreds of people who have criteria of dangerousness – their courtship, the regular consultation of sites jihadists, their radicalism – to be the subject of a thorough review and should be made, under the precautionary principle, in administrative detention “. In the spirit of the former minister of the Interior, this provision should supplement the measures currently in place, while François Hollande was alright, Friday on a trip to Dijon, that “in the face of terrorism, our arsenal criminal is complete “.

at the End of August, Nicolas Sarkozy, had also announced that, returned to power, it would suspend family reunification “as long as there will not be in Europe in an authentic and genuine common migration policy and of europe’s borders protected “, as long as the european treaties establishing the Schengen area would not be modified.

In announcing its intention to submit these questions to a referendum, a few days before the debate that needs to oppose to its competitors, Nicolas Sarkozy wants to choose on what field of battle the confrontation will take place. It does not ignore that, on these two issues, some candidates are more reserved, start by Alain Juppé, its competitor number one.

“Guantanamo à la française”

The mayor of Bordeaux, has already warned against the formation of a “Guantanamo to the French where it is trapped without trial of thousands of people, for an indefinite period, and on mere suspicion “. He also explained that it is “not human” to suspend the family reunification without taking into consideration the record of the applicants. Finally, the former prime minister is not convinced of the advisability of organizing a referendum a month after the presidential election.

Among the other candidates, the administrative detention is not much better perceived. It is “impractical on a large scale” according to François Fillon, “a slope that is very slippery” for Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet. About Jean-Frédéric Poisson, he lampooned those who make the “security logic” the alpha and the omega of the fight against terrorism.

conversely, Bruno The Mayor pleads, in the manner of Nicolas Sarkozy, for a “justice exception” against terrorism, affirming that “the protective custody should become the rule “. Jean-François Copé, he defends a close formula : “retention, anti-terrorism screening of 150 days, on the basis of the information provided by the intelligence services.”


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