Friday, October 7, 2016

The ticket policy, François Hollande, in solid forms, Le Figaro

The Government has published the health bulletin of the president of the Republic, for which it comes out that all is well. The head of State is ready for the marathon presidential.

Nothing. Not a scratch. Not a gram of cholesterol. Not even a flick of tension. François Hollande is in great shape, his health bulletin provides. Ready for the electoral battle in the somme. Preside over the Republic is without doubt a task to be harsh and difficult. Conduct an election campaign is another. Elsewhere he trains. As one makes his jog to running a marathon, he went on to travel to prepare for the presidential election.

The communique of the Elysee explains, François Hollande has suffered a “balance sheet cardiac complementary with a consultation, echocardiography, ultrasound, vascular, as well as a stress test”. With success, therefore. Without a doubt thanks to this app on his smartphone which allows him to count his steps to keep in shape. The line is something else.

François Hollande of 2016 has nothing to do with François Hollande in 2011 when, after a diet, he had appeared emaciated on The port of la Rochelle. This was before the primary of the PS. Its weight loss, it was proof of his determination. He has since taken over. “Nobody told him anything, because eating is the only way for Francis to manage the stress,” explained one of his close friends. He still has two months to remaigrir frankly. And send a new message on its determination to 2017. It is very short. But it’s also important not to spoil the suspense.


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