Abdelkader Merah is suspected of being one of the passengers of the car. On march 24, 2012 – BERNARD BISSON/JDD/SIPA

It will be held in the absence of the main protagonist but there will be a trial Merah. The Court of cassation confirmed the dismissal of Abdelkader Merah, the elder of ” the killer to the scooter, before the Assize court special of Paris.

He will have to answer for complicity in the killings of Toulouse and Montauban. From 11 to 19 march 2012, seven people, including three children, fell under the bullets of the jihadist Mohamed Merah.

Abdelkader Merah. The older brother of Mohamed Merah and last but one of the siblings is being prosecuted for ” complicity in terrorist crimes “. In concrete terms, the co-investigating judges have acquired the conviction that he was present, on march 6, 2012 in a garage Toulouse, during the flight of the famous motor scooter which has been used to the ride bloody. It is also suspected to have had an influence on his younger brother in the days leading up to the attacks.

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is considered to be the ideologue of the family. Today 34-year-old, he had been trained in radical islam in a koranic school in egypt. It is he who has brought Mohamed Merah in Artigat, Ariège, in Olivier Corel, nicknamed ” the emir white “. Never convicted of jihadism, the latter has welcomed in his home, in addition to the Merah, number of students related to the attacks, which Fabien Clain, who has claimed in the name of Daesh the terrorist attacks in Paris.

The accused has been jailed in the wake of the killings of his brother. He has always denied being linked to the crimes of her brother, but has continued to maintain a discourse radical in prison.

The other presumed accomplice, Fettah Malki. It is continued and referred to the foundation for “criminal association in relation with a terrorist enterprise” tort “, an accusation for which there is a risk 10 years. But the prosecutor general’s office would like to reclassify ” criminal association of criminal, sentenced to 20 years. The Court of Ccassation has not decided on this point. The justice would have to rule on this increased charges

Fettah Malki, a small offender, resulting also in the neighbourhood of the Izards, is a childhood friend of Mohamed Merah. He acknowledged having provided him with a bulletproof vest and the submachine-gun Uzi that he used. At the hearing before the court of cassation, the lawyer of Fettah Malki, Hélène Masse-Dessen, described it as ” the shopping district “, which ” sells a bit of everything and anything “. She said that he knew nothing of the intentions of the “killer to the scooter,” and that it is ” not linked to the jihadist movement “.

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In the expectation that the appeal for the two men to be purged of the Paris Court of appeal had indicated to the civil parties that the trial of the case Merah scheduled to be held from 27 February to 31 march 2017 in Paris. She has not yet officially confirmed these dates.

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