Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Channel Tunnel: 17 Eurostar cancelled and 2 blocked – Clicanoo

The traffic was suspended around 15: 00 (Paris time) and may resume “to 19 hours,” said a spokesman for Eurotunnel.

In the meantime, 17 Eurostar trains had to be cancelled: 5 Paris-London 4 London-Paris, 4 London-Brussels, and 4 London-Brussels, said a spokeswoman for Eurostar to the AFP.

Two trains are also waiting in the station of Frethun, according to Eurostar. According to a source close to the folder, it would be a thousand passengers.

According to Eurotunnel, the judgment of the traffic is due to “a concern of electrical power between a catenary and the trains.”

A shuttle cargo has been stopped while she was “partially” entry in the tunnel and the “36 people had to be taken care of, a rescue train has to be towed to the shuttle,” said a spokesman from Eurotunnel to the AFP.

Four types of train through the Channel tunnel: Eurostar (London-Brussels and Paris-London), freight trains, shuttles transporting of passenger vehicles (cars, bikes, campervans) and the shuttles carrying heavy weights. In the peak period, one train every 4 minutes to travel this long tunnel of 50 km, with a section sub-marine of 38 km.

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