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Warning removal of an infant in Grenoble : what we know – The Obs

An abduction alert was launched Tuesday, 18 October, in the evening, to find Djenah, four months, removed a little earlier, by his father in Grenoble. Everything you need to know about the removal of this baby.

what are the baby and his father ?

Wearing a “pajama pink candy”, the infant has brown eyes and some brown hair. She was taken to a “maxi cosy with a blanket of pink” by his father, Steeve Beni Y Saad, an individual black color 28-year-old, measuring a 1.75 meter, with, short hair, and wearing prescription glasses.

Contacted by AFP, neither the police nor the prefecture of the Isère have desired, at this stage, give details on the case. The floor was not reachable in the immediate future.

Where was the abduction ?

According to the “Dauphiné Libéré”, the father would be presented on Tuesday morning in a home where the parent lives, and would have fled with the child. The couple was separated in the aftermath of violence in which the father is suspected on his companion, the latter being supported by a structure that is welcoming of battered women, tells the regional newspaper, that says that the father always had a right of access, because the justice has not yet ruled on the violence alleged.

What to do if you locate them ?

If you locate the child or the suspect, do not intervene yourself, and remind the authorities. Immediately call the 197, or send an email to :

Adopted in France in February 2006, the scheme alert removal is to launch, in the case of abduction of a minor child, an alert mass through fifty channels of dissemination (radio, television, internet sites, signs to train station and highways, billboards, urban networks, the SNCF or the RATP, 22.000 terminals of the Française des Jeux) to mobilize the population in the search for the missing child and her abductor.

individuals may relay the alert via Facebook and smartphone apps.

What is the effectiveness for the device alert removal ?

This is the 19th time that such an alert is triggered in France. So far, it has proved to be effective in all cases, allowing each time to find abducted children, safe and sound.

It had been used for the first time on July 9, 2006 after the disappearance of two sisters, Émeline and Melissa, 8, and 10 years, in the Maine-et-Loire. But the alert was not applicable, the two girls who have returned to their home some fifteen hours after their disappearance.

The latest of them dates back to the end of August : a nine-year boy was abducted by his father in Saône-et-Loire, before being found the next day with him in the Vaucluse.

This device is largely based on the plan “Amber Alert”, created in Texas in 1996 after the abduction and murder of the little Amber Hagerman.

Launched under the authority of the prosecutor of the Republic, it must be triggered as early as possible after collection because the interviewers have found that the first 24 hours were crucial to the survival of the child.

There is, however, activated only if several criteria are met : it must be a kidnapping turned out and not a simple disappearance, the victim must be a minor and his or her physical integrity or his life must be in danger ; and finally, elements of information should be used to locate the child.

According to the terms of the plan, the reporting of the child as well as possibly that of the person suspected of abducting and any information that may be used to trace them are broadcast at regular intervals.

A television, a tape scrolls every quarter of an hour, while a message full screen, with possibly a photo, is displayed between the programs. The chains of the region concerned, the broadcast messages are closer together.

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