Sunday, October 2, 2016

The contradictions of the relatives of the killer of Nice – The Parisian

This is the man without a memory. The man who sees nothing. And says nothing in the face of evidence during the hearings. Or has forgotten everything. This is the man who laughs also on the Promenade bereaved in the aftermath of the attack of 14 July and filmed with his mobile phone. Mohammed Ghraieb 40-year-old hotel receptionist and the driver of the VTC was the long-time friend of Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, the killer Nice. It is regarded as his main accomplice.Indicted for complicity in murder organised and participation in a criminal association with terrorist among other things, this inhabitant of the district, Roughly in Nice has been one of the last to be in contact with the truck driver that has killed 86 people in the evening of 14 July.

Among the examining magistrate, when he appeared in court on July 21 for its first hearing, Mohammed Ghraieb has attempted to create a diversion : “I condemn this barbarous act. That night, I worked, I started 22 hours, and if I had not been to my work at the hotel, I would have probably ended up on place with my wife as I usually do. I know this man. I was with the wrong person. I see myself as a victim of this man. “A conviction of the façade, which was not at all convinced the six judges in charge of the dossier at the conclusion of the investigations.

The investigation established that it was mounted in the truck three days before the attack after yet claimed the opposite. A photograph of Ghraieb found in the mobile phone of the killer of the Walk revealed the number etched on the windows of the 19 t. Long, in the face of the investigators, he wanted to conceal his nickname Walid used in a SMS sent by Lahouaiej Bouhlel just before the tragedy alluding to a delivery of guns : “Chokri and his friends are ready for the next month. Now they are in Walid. “The engineering analyses also showed that he had been in contact 728 times with Bouhlel before the attack.

” in the wake of The tragedies, Ghraieb is filming on the Promenade sporting a grin interpretable “, write the investigators after exploring his laptop. “It’s just a video. I was smiling not. I didn’t shoot any of the victims. Videos it is, it is a good memory, ” replied Ghraieb.

And to add that he is “a member of the UMP since 2006,” before saying : “I have my card and I have participated in meetings with MESSRS. Eric Ciotti and Christian Estrosi. “He is also a member of the association SOS Pets because he says :” I love animals. “He has two dogs that he leads regularly to the beach at Cagnes-sur-Mer for the” make run “. The operation of the phone Ghraieb has also allowed us to recover a sent SMS Bouhlel praising the attacks in Paris in January 2015…

During auditions, Ghraieb swear “not to be able to do the prayers,” and tells the police surprised : “I do not frequent in the Maghreb, because I don’t like them. “I have had the misfortune of making the acquaintance of this man,” he says. A man he would have known in Tunisia in 2004 in a boxing gym. “I found him in a gym in Nice in 2009. It was only crossable without too much discussion. This was not someone I was close, ” insisted the receptionist, except that on July 12, her friend was selling his car, a Citroen C1, at a cheap price. A sale expedient that would have allowed, for the investigators, Bouhlel to get 2 000 EUR.

Ghraieb admits to having seen the change in his friend, who is set to wear the beard, but he assures us : “I did not see it coming because if I had known, I would have alerted the police. “It is now up to the justice that he must meet.


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