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The debriefing policy. Hollande to Florange to prove that his promises have been kept – Franceinfo

During her visit in the Moselle, Monday,  October 17, François Hollande, inaugurated the  centre of public research on the steel industry  Métafensch 
During his visit in the Moselle, Monday, October 17, François Hollande, inaugurated the centre of public research on the steel industry Métafensch (FREDERIC FLORIN / AFP)

François Hollande returned to the Florange Monday, October 17. Florange, it is a symbolic place for the head of State. February 2012 : in the midst of a presidential campaign, the candidate Holland climbs on the light truck of the unions, who demand the maintenance of the blast furnaces. He had promised to enact a law, the law Florange to prevent a large firm that wants to separate from a unit for the production of the yield to a buyer. Since then, the blast furnaces have been closed. But the workers reclassified. Held promise ensures François Hollande. This is his message for the day. the “today, I can say without risking to be denied, 629 employees have been reclassified on the spot, on the site of Florange and the others are retired” has launched the head of State at the inauguration of the centre of public research Métafensch in Uckange. François Hollande considers, moreover, that”nationalisation partial there would have been no effect.” It, this is the answer to Arnaud Monterbourg, candidate in the socialist primaries, which supported this option.

This visit to the Florange François Hollande, was made without fanfare. Travel very discreet. The president of the Republic has played cat and mouse with the unions protest. The journalists were kept away. Not really anything to boost for a President to have more and more challenged.

The FN dredge the suburbs

The National Front has launched a collective , “Suburban patriots”, last January, and he develops his web-tv from Wednesday 19 October. With a 20-minute programme very black-blanc-beur. Version “Navy Blue” for a FN who is looking for votes everywhere, starting with those of non-voters. the “There is also a France of the forgotten in these territories and we hold the hand of course” specifies Jordan Bardella, president of “Suburban patriots”. The FN will hold a convention on November 15 to submit its proposals to the suburbs. Title : “For a Republic pacified”.

“Flesh collaborator”, the collective to denounce the sexism ordinary

Flesh, it is a collective of employees of elected officials, working with the Assembly, the Senate, Ministries and communities. A website has been launched Monday, October 17, to witness the sexism common in politics. As it was thought these behaviors endangered since the case Baupin. On the contrary. the “It was expected that the parliamentarians were a little shocked by this case, but in fact it has a somewhat opposite effect to what was expected” tells Julie Rosenkranz, a member of the collective. “It became a joke, some say, for example : ‘be Careful, I’m going to give you baupiner’ indicates Julie Rosenkranz which states have decided to speak to put an end to this kind of remarks that “don’t have a place to be”. Among the testimonials found on the website, I will book one… It was at a meeting in Paris : “You know, it’s funny, I’ve never slept with an arab ! – Response of the tac to the tac of the co-worker : It’s funny, I’ve never slapped a member !

The notes of the debriefing

6 out of 20 for Jean-Christophe Cambadélis. The boss of the PS has signed an editorial video on the party site. We imagine it in the process of raising the morale of the troops after the explosion which was caused by the book confessions of Gérard Davet and Fabrice Human. He is the one who pulls the alarm signal : “If the left splits, if it is not in a capacity to come together, we have only our eyes to cry,” he warns. Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, who calls to “not to confuse the essential and the accessory,” on a tone.. twilight. With support like that, not sure that the activists are want to support François Hollande… Nothing very surprising coming from Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, who was let go last week : “Hollande is in difficulty, it does not facilitate the task…

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