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Florange : in the middle of a storm, Holland returns to the coal – Liberation

there are Some, even in his first circle, doubted the merits of a visit to Florange, in the Moselle. Return to the cradle of all the misunderstandings industrialists of his five-year term in the middle of a storm policy, was this a good idea, questioned relatives mezza voce. They have been for their expenses. Not only François Hollande assumes his choices, which have saved the site of ArcelorMittal without redundancy or social plan, but he has made his move a showcase of its economic policy. the “Florange, for me, this is not a memory, it is a future”, skull with the Chair, as if he was talking about the result of his political career. It is no doubt more when it address a personal message to his opponents on the left, Arnaud Montebourg and Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who accuse him of having betrayed his promises. the “We must not sell the illusion, not to sow a speech that could be the magic”, insists the head of State.

restart the blast furnaces would have been too expensive, ” he said. The nationalization part, claimed to horn and cry by the minister of productive Recovery in the winter of 2012, there would have been “no impact, no effect” to his eyes. In the social-democratic party assumed, it boasts once again the “commitment robust” found with the trade unions at the time and boasts, once again, the efforts made by the CFDT and CFE-CGC, the only ones he has faced in the afternoon, as the CGT and the FO, in the minority, were boycotting the meeting.

Voices from beyond the grave

“Holland, Valls, Macron, it’s all liberals,” explains Christophe Jacquemin, delegate CGT of Gandrange came as a neighbour to support “friends” continue “the fight”. The next year, as most of the activists CGT occupying the entrance to the site of ArcelorMittal, he will vote in the first round “because there are many political options left but at the second, this time [it] will not go”. the “The vote, it is finished”, abounds Alain Philippi, delegate of CGT Railway workers.

For a President to clear with its commitments, the media machine does not breathe, frankly, the serenity. As to the “great offices” of Arcelor Mittal, herded into a basement, the journalists of the pool (a small group accredited to follow the President on behalf of all others) were not able to be present at his arrival, nor during his meeting with the union representatives. The Elysée explained that the employees did not want to be filmed, before distributing video clips official on the website of the presidency. Edouard Martin, of him, makes the job on the parking. the “I am not of those who throw the baby out with the bath water”, explains the former delegate CFDT Florange became a member of the european parliament PS. In the late afternoon, at the institute of research on the metallurgy of Uckange – the other promise presidential (read below) – which employs… eight persons, François Hollande gives up a little at his voice from beyond the grave. To defend its industrial policy of the SIEC to the rescue of Alstom, passing by Peugeot and Renault, it picks up accents of the tribune. Sure of himself.


Yet on Sunday, he her appointments to find an exit door to the new political deadlock in which it was stuffed with the publication of the book A President should not say this… It is given twenty-four hours to decide on the counter-attack and should inform the leaders of the majority at their dinner weekly on Tuesday evening. the “When it comes to policy, it has not doubts but convictions, storm the boss of the PS senators, Didier Guillaume. in This is not because a book is published it stops everything. He moves forward, he is the president.” To be a candidate, it is more complicated. The call of the elected officials scheduled for late October has been put between brackets. And the general social discourse on the model of that of Wagram remains in limbo. the “It must return a new sequence, rebuild everything, grants to a close. the And above all, it is necessary to coordinate between him and us.” This would be a first.

Laure Bretton’s special envoy to Florange


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