Monday, October 17, 2016

The attacks on Paris: the brother of¤8217;Abdeslam asks him to speak – The Figaro

Mohamed Abdeslam has today requested his brother Salah, a suspect-key attacks in paris, November 13, 2015, to “express themselves”, while the latter has chosen to keep silent, according to his lawyers.

“I asked my brother to speak,” said at the microphone of RTL Mohamed Abdeslam. “During my visits in Belgium, I really had a Salah Abdeslam, who was ready to speak. (…) A few months after that, it is another person that I have in front of me, I actually was able to see that Salah was more indented, that it was more closed in on itself”, he added. Salah Abdeslam, French Belgium, 27 years of age, was according to investigators at the heart of preparations for the bombings the deadliest ever committed in France, which were 130 dead. After four months on the run in Brussels, he was arrested on 18 march before being presented April 27 at the French court, which has indicted, in particular for terrorist murders. He is the only member still alive of the commandos, the jihadists of 13 November.

Convinced that Salah Abdeslam, put in isolation and monitored 24h/24 by video in the prison of Fleury-Mérogis, in the suburbs of paris, work not with justice, and “apply the right to silence” until the end, his lawyers announced last week that they were willing to give up to defend it. “This imprisonment, all of these conditions that are extremely difficult detention, the contain on himself and I sometimes even have the impression that it is somewhere even more radicalized than déradicalisé,” said Mohamed Abdeslam about his brother, entrusting to visit him every three months. He said to expect “a lot” of the trial, but “if it is to have a Salah Abdeslam behind a box where it does not, this will be a disappointment for all of us”. The other brother of Mohamed and Salah Brahim, was detonated in a café in paris on the evening of 13 November.

” The lawyers of Salah Abdeslam waive the right to defend
” “An output profile that diverts the attention”


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