Monday, October 17, 2016

The future reception centre for the HOMELESS in the 16th arrondissement of paris set on fire – The World

The parquet de Paris opened an investigation for ” malicious damage by fire “. This center has attracted many objections from local residents and the mayor of the arrondissement, Claude Goasguen.

The façade of the future emergency accommodation centre for HOMELESS people located in the 16e arrondissement and which was to open its doors at the end of October, was burned in the night from Sunday 16 to Monday 17 October. According to the mayor of Paris, this fire should not call into question the center’s opening, scheduled for 5 November.

On the spot ” flammable liquid “ was discovered, tells the police. the ” A complaint has been filed and we are going to strengthen the guard “, indicated to the AFP Eric Bend, director of the association Aurore, who manages the new center.

The commissioner of the 16e arrondissement is in charge of the case. The parquet de Paris initiated an investigation for ” deliberate damage by fire “, a-t-on learned from justice source. The mayor of Paris is going to be a civil party.

number of opposition

At the edge of the bois de Boulogne along the avenue du Maréchal-Maunoury, among the most exclusive of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, has authorized the State to build pre-fabricated buildings which can accommodate 200 homeless people.

This center has attracted many objections from local residents and the mayor of The Republicans of the district, and Claude Goasguen.

in Mid-march, a coordination meeting organised at the university Paris-Dauphine, had given rise to a groundswell unheard-of insults and aggressiveness from people presenting themselves as residents of the borough, holding, for example, placards with the inscription ” Brush poop “, aimed at both the general secretary of the prefecture, Sophie Brocas, and Ian Brossat.

The latter, as deputy mayor of Paris in charge of housing and emergency accommodation, was denounced on Twitter as a ” act unworthy “.

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