Monday, October 17, 2016

Holland : “I have always held good” – The Point

Hollande is trying to save the furniture in an interview in the daily newspapers of the eastern front of France, as a prelude to his visit to high-risk in Florange, in the Moselle. But entangled in the polemics that followed the publication of the book A president should not say that…, it is less a defence of his actions on the site to steel ArcelorMittal as the justification of his remarks to journalists at the World, which rotate in a loop this Monday morning.

The head of State recommends, ” never to let himself be carried away by this or that phrase, taken out of context “, in response to the excitement generated by his confession to the authors of the book . “He should never let himself be carried away by this or that phrase, taken out of context. What matters to me, and I will not cease to do so, it is to restore the consistency of my action “, ensures the president of the Republic. Not sure that this is enough, as the damage is considerable, in particular on its relations with the magistrates.

Despite his past affronts, François Holland is always looking to engage its orbit for the presidential race. It reaffirms that it will make its decision on a possible candidacy ” at the beginning of the month of December “, that is, at the same time as Emmanuel Macron. “I can hear the doubts and the impatience, but my duty, with the government of Manuel Valls, is to move forward and act tirelessly for the French and, in particular, to bring down unemployment “, he explains. And the head of the State stressed that, despite the “many races” traversed by the country since 2012, “many crises” in which he has faced, he has ” always held “.

” We restated the country, “

Asked about the desire of the “slingers” not to vote the last budget of the five-year term, François Hollande defends ” a budget for progress, a budget left “, which he does not see ” how a member of the majority might not [the] vote “. “For the past four and a half years, the criticisms of a minority, it is true, is detrimental to the perception of coherence. But, with the benefit of hindsight, we can now appreciate the action carried out since 2012. We restated the country while preserving our social model (health and pensions). We need to claim the balance “, he says.

For the head of State, the right gearing is the reverse of what has been done by the left a ” regression program for the greatest number, and of redistribution in favour of the more privileged “. “We will not advance our country to the benefit of a minority of citizens “, stated he.

Florange, a symbol of the shaking ?

On Florange also, Hollande defends its balance sheet. He argues that it has ” complied with all of [its] commitments. “There has been no job loss,” says the head of the State, and that ” today, there are more steel production at Florange in 2012 “.

The statements which had left marble the leader of the slingers at the Meeting, Laurent Baumel. François Hollande “will be very difficult” to do the Florange “a symbol of promises kept,” he blurted. Before detailing : “If one speaks of the promises made at the time of the election campaign, he had promised he would oppose the closure of the blast furnaces, the blast furnaces were closed “. And then, ” French president francois Hollande in 2012, has accepted the closure of the blast furnaces and it has located its action on the reclassification of employees. And for a group such as Mittal, the reclassification of the employees, it was in any way a legal obligation. So what Holland has achieved is quite close to what the law would have imposed. “


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