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Hollande to Florange : as if it were nothing – The Point

Visit to the high risk on Monday after-noon for the head of State, who goes to the site of the blast furnaces of ArcelorMittal in Florange. He could receive a welcome muscular. Taste this morning in the press where the editors make a state places a severe situation of François Hollande, who sees it fly, every day a little more hope to take back control.

Patrick Apel-Muller sets the tone in the Humanity by pointing out that ” [...] Florange remains a symbol of the promises betrayed “. According to him, ” this trip of the presidential on the devastated lands of Lorraine industrious seems to be a visit of the cemetery at all saints “.

In Opinion, Nicolas Beytout judge that the carrots are almost cooked for the chief of the State : “That it arrives or not to step out of the spin, in which it is carried, whether or not it is finally a candidate to his own succession, François Hollande will be lost in a few days that he had a capital yet valuable : respect. This respect he has not for others. Nor his ministers, nor to those who support him, nor to the rulers, nor to anyone [...] This respect, that it has not for its promises or for the ideas that brought them to power [...] Because he does nothing, he is not respected. It’s been a long time that the French have released [...] to The point of disrepair where it is, the contract of trust with the French has no chance to be restored. It is hoped that this collapse of respect for the man will not function. “

That is all his action at the head of the State it repainted in pink

The head of State spoke about the why of this visit in an interview to Alsace , Sunday. He says that he comes to Florange in order to ” say that [he has] complied with all of [s]es commitments. [...] There has been no loss of employment [...] today, there are more steel production at Florange in 2012 “. Then, resuming his posture, pre-presidential, he is a hard-to-cook (” I have faced many crises. [...] I had no respite. But I have always held good. “) and as a last bulwark against “demagogues” and face to the right, and his ” regression program for the greatest number, and of redistribution in favour of the more privileged “.

An argument that has not convinced Laurent Bodin, who was asked in the same journal on this strategy, close to denial, but nobody is fooled : “As the movement initiated by his bodyguards to defend the record of his five-year term, François Hollande, in an interview granted to our newspaper, gives it an air of satisfied that resonates oddly. It is this refrain that he will repeat today in Florange and in all his travels during the two months which must precede the announcement of his nomination [...] Officially, he is president. In reality, it organises the presidential campaign to come [...] In fact, it is all his action at the head of the State it repainted in pink, without an ounce of mea culpa or the recognition of an error. Point-by-Point [...], every sentence of his interview is marked with the seal of the feeling of accomplishment [...]. With such arguments, François Hollande, will he be able to convince the French that he embodies the future ? Nothing is less sure. “


the Same question in The Is a Republican, where Alain Dusart asked how the head of the State ” holds “. “[...] The president is back in Florange. Pleased with himself and convinced that he has found with the Indian Mittal a compromise robust. It is true that there has been no hemorrhaging of jobs following the closure of the blast furnace. On the other hand, its majority is fragmented [...] there are the slingers, but also Arnaud Montebourg. As usual, he has done a lot of reels on Florange never come. His new companion, the member of the valley of the Fensch, Aurélie Filippetti, offers the luxury to boycott the presidential visit [...] The aura élyséenne no longer prints. Mr Hollande is convinced that he has restated the country [...] His closest friends doubted after his confidences, as mind-boggling as last week. It’s hard to imagine how he keeps. But maybe there’s a secret weapon… “

Bernard Stéphan in The Mountain attempts to defend the travel of François Hollande who comes here to defend his industrial policy : “[...] The return of François Hollande on the site of Florange was a commitment. But it is necessary to see a reactivation of the embers of the industrial policy. Policy which, oddly enough, we do not speak, or if bit [...] By choosing Florange, Francois Hollande meets not only a commitment, but it reactivates the link to the left with the old industrial areas and the working world, of which a large part is attempted by a vote FN. In a return operation on his left, the president, after the operation rescue site Alstom, will try to come and explain that he has not failed to fulfil its commitments. The industrial future is probably not there anymore, it was invented in the French Tech. But the speech of an industrial policy, to him, happens again and again for these traditional sites. “

Still, the symbolic journey in Florange reopens the wounds, stresses Xavier Brewis in the Républicain Lorrain : ” François Hollande back in Florange. What does it do ? And especially, what good is it ? Assess the effectiveness of compensation measures granted after the closure of the blast furnaces ? [...] Free the chief executive to invite to oversee the place on the schedule. After all, was he not committed ? [...] But beyond the postures, in which the presence of a president at this point démonétisé can it serve the cause of a territory, tortured by the merchants of illusion ? View of Moselle river, the five-year term, which ends not have been a bis repetita of the previous one. To the vain promises made to Gandrange by Sarkozy when as honeymoon has followed the treason to Florange the hewer of international finance [...] That can hope to Holland, itself, of this return ? [...]“

More nobody hears soliloquer

In The Union/The Ardennes, a Hervé Chabaud deciphers the intentions of the presidential order to better denounce them : “[...] the president of the Republic wants to brag about the Great innovation that invests its energy in the applied research. We can bet on her nerves of steel to defend, with a plumb very politician, this vision of an industry re-engineered, high value-added, seven months of the presidential [...] Here, nobody has forgotten that his law miraculous has been wrung out by the constitutional Council, and was never applied to Florange ! [...] The man unpopular that is ready to win a second term but is sucked into the abyss of anything to force them to make confidences, among which we don’t see what is a matter of sincerity or of the posture, can only be in the greatest uncertainty. By dint of being too talkative, his word is discredited [...]. “

In Les Dernières Nouvelles d’alsace, Didier Rose describes in turn a François Hollande discredited attempts, despite everything, to redeem himself a pipe. With very little chance of success : “[...] Spend indignation literary frustrations union is for the leader of the State a way to bury the controversy under a layer of social reality [...] Review of Florange and scrapping it, in some way, rather than sinking to Paris in the abysses opened by the confidences of suicide. It is a sign that despite the earthquake caused by the many of inconsistency, presidential, Holland persevered in his path to the nomination. His way of positive action, sometimes against the evidence, his delight decidedly incorrigible to comment on through possible opponents to sign a ambition intact [...] His visit to the Florange shows that the president does not let anyone, outside of itself, decide its electoral commitment. Remains to know with what support ? [...]“

No, according to Denis Daumin, who crucify the head of the State in The New Republic of the Center-West : “They are as if they had finished with Holland, its five-year term gelatinous, the end of his reign calamitous. to Govern is to rain, pastichait the president of 2012 to defuse the teasing and put the laughing on her side with a blagounette end of comice. It is served, the tiles follow one another in bursts. It persists in the justification, the explanation of this tragi-comedy of which he is both the author and the interpreter. Nobody hears soliloquer. This is not the man without teeth, it is the president without a vote. Annoying when it pretends to solicit new votes [...] “


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